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  1. This is an infringement of his God given rights as an American

  2. I always felt the movie worked because it’s paced like a (music) live show. Not in the “it’s literally a musical” sense, although the actual songs make sense where they are of course, but you got a slow start, a few songs of hard times, family and god, you get a few punchy numbers in where you can show what a freewheeling bad boy you are and showcase each musician a bit without boring the audience with back-to-back solos, a few country numbers, a non-controversial political statement everyone agrees with, a fucky number, then the big smasher everyone was looking for to really let it rip, a gripping tale of heartbreak and betrayal and then finally a frantic and frankly a little too long no-holds-barred jam that leaves everyone exhausted but satisfied that it was all they would hope for

  3. Yeah I think you're right. I'm obsessed with this film, not sure why

  4. Kinda like how weed, cocaine, hookers, and underage smoking is banned? Cool, expect similar results.

  5. I'm glad all those things are banned, minus weed. It's a shame that the City of Seattle tries to legalize them, leading to all sorts of terrible problems.

  6. Why such a concern with moderating what others do with their bodies and minds?

  7. I love how much this subreddit triggers the gun lovers, they are obsessed with it hahaha

  8. Retarded analogy, but look man, it's not my problem if you can't handle your shit

  9. Asking me a question doesn't refute what I said. I stand by what I wrote. Do you have anything that discredits it? If you do present your evidence. If not upvote my argument.

  10. What rage? I've already won. Ban whatever you want. Criminals will just laugh at you while they are perpetuating escalating crime sprees.

  11. Please don't shoot anyone on the freeway because you're steamed over a reddit argument.

  12. Prosecuting an ex-president, regardless of his guilt, creates a lot of bad precedents that can lead to bad things. See: the Roman Republic

  13. Every Saturday, American University should play American State in college football. No other teams are necessary.

  14. I want to stick one of them up my ass, I bet it would feel good on my prostate.

  15. Speaking for personal experience? ‘Cause I’ve done just fine on road trips and weekends up random forest roads in the Cascades.

  16. Just looking at published specs. Most cars seem to have a range of 100-120 miles. And I'm not sure about SUVs or crossovers.

  17. Gotchya; non-Tesla cars averaged about that far a few years ago, but if you check again, you’ll find the stuff that was released more recently tends to land more in the 220-320 range. With that big of a jump in just a couple years, I’m optimistic that we’ll hit 500 in the next five years as car companies fine-tune their battery chemistry and pack design (Tesla’s longest ranges are around 400; I’m sure everyone else isn’t far behind).

  18. That's cool. I'm definitely thinking about getting one, 500 miles of range would be prime time.

  19. Usually it's cheaper to park in an offsite lot than to take an uber, unless you're traveling for more than a week.

  20. Your comment is pretty inflammatory and trollish. BLM is a highly disorganized movement, just because you can find a marxist among them who calls for such and such does not mean you can ascribe that belief to the whole movement. Most BLM supporters are ordinary liberals.

  21. Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, Black Lives Matter’s three main founders, have always been candid about their Marxism, which is a synonym for communism.

  22. What's your point? Should people stop using the BLM slogan or stop caring about the issues that it raises with respect to black issues just because the so called founders are marxist kooks?

  23. Sinovax allegedly has an efficacy rate of only about 50%. The CCP refuses to import mRNA vaccines because that would contradict its “China rising” narrative, as the mRNA tech wasn’t developed domestically.

  24. Redfin needs to get out of the brokerage business and go to lead gen like Zillow. They have a superior product and can be competitive. The CEO is a stubborn fool for clinging on to this failing business model, he needs to go.

  25. It’s still incredible to me how these sites have and spend that much money.

  26. First is exactly the type of meme my dad will randomly text me once a month

  27. Ikr. This is the type of thing my alcoholic uncle would post on facebook

  28. if you upload the same post with 'dudes rock' as the title this sub would eat it up, so much about our world is just pure optics

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