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Ye’s ideology supporters have taken to the streets

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  • By - Xammo

  1. I ski solo all the time. Often doing spring ski trips sleeping in my RAV4 saving money, rockin’ and rollin’!

  2. You’ll probably have the answer for me on this. I’m gonna do this in Colorado this season. My biggest concern is clothes drying over night to ski comfortably the next day. What did you do for that?

  3. I skied in the springtime. The sleep RAV4 thing is for springtime. It would be too gnarly in February.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if Furio shows up on a Vespa at the finale?

  5. He’s perfect for the role - not a hint of Christopher. He’s versatile and believable.

  6. Ski collision, left ski didn't release, twisted till it snapped, both bones. Thumb is luckily just an average case of skier's thumb. No big deal. Thank god I was wearing a helmet or it could have gone a lot worse.

  7. Glad you are ok. I hate wearing goggles. Avoid them as much as possible.

  8. Kim married and had kids with Ye…Yeezus, those poor kids.

  9. Every big car park that was built in the last 15 years has these lol. And they’re shit and broken by year 5.

  10. Not in Switzerland. lol! As an American living in Switzerland.

  11. All over in Switzerland. With number counters. With a RedGreen light for every spot. Great system.

  12. What do mean? It's a cool hobby that is definitely pretty impressive! Sure one day an accident might happen and he falls multiple stories and lands on a single mother walking her two young children to school, but I'm sure after years of therapy and foster care those kids will be almost forget the image of their mom suddenly being turned into a mangled carcass.

  13. Oh cool, so the guy who has zero concern for safety or private property has some friends watching from below that will do what exactly? Hold out their arms to catch him? Block pedestrian traffic on the side walk without a permit? If he gets up 120 meters and falls he could end up far away from where his lookouts even are.

  14. Rotex! We use these to tower-up new ski lifts in Switzerland. Among many other things. Lifting trees, cows, pallets of cheese, etc. Awesome helicopters.

  15. Europe loves shitty American music. I know many failed musicians here in the US who had zero musical talent move to Europe and they are doing very well.

  16. I found them enjoyable but of course I respect your professional judgement. Out of curiosity what should they do differently in the real version of that job?

  17. Hey! I'm going to Zermatt next week, I am curious to know how many slopes are open on the different sides (Rothorn, Gorgengrat, Klein Matterhorn). I find it a bit difficult to figure out and I'm trying to plan out ahead so I don't get disappointed if I get there and the piste I was hoping to do is closed. Thanks in advance !

  18. You have to just see when you get here. You’ll have a blast no matter what. More is opening after every snowfall.

  19. I’ve lived in Switzerland for over 30 years now. I can afford everything I want or need. With a regular ‘ol job. Switzerland Rules. American originally.

  20. Would be cool to have this in my front yard. Elevated party hut!!!

  21. I love watching the winter biathlon at the Olympics though. Maybe y’all need to run a few laps in between rounds and it’ll be more exiting.

  22. Just got off the hill… No sped-up scareosmith.

  23. it seems very overwhelmingly large lol

  24. Fourth largest interconnected ski region in the World. The largest entirely in Switzerland.

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