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  1. Meghan visited Uvalde which means people are going to turn a tragedy into everything Meghan did wrong.

  2. The same reason white women vote for politicians and representatives who want to remove history from textbooks and follow Tucker Carlson, a person known for pushing the great replacement

  3. As an empath, I can tell you’re a mama bear

  4. Final thought of the day (inspired by the posts here & people asking Quinta Brunson to make a school shooting episode on Abbott Elementary):

  5. So we're still following (or keeping up with) Emily and her husband even though it's been discussed a million times that they're both clearly and obviously conservative?

  6. No because I stare back and my boyfriend will ask "do I know you?" or "is there a problem?" because we both get joy out of making people uncomfortable

  7. This is disturbing but not surprising. I've noticed a lot of white people, particularly white women are treating what happened in Uvalde as tragedy porn. They're finding ways to center it around themselves and their emotions and fears. of course they want a black woman to make an episode about a shooting at a black elementary school to distract from the fact that they don't want to stop voting against their own interests.

  8. If you don't like what someone posts and you don't want them to have a platform, you need to unfollow them AND stop obsessively bringing them up here. What people on here think "holds people accountable" actually just drives the clicks of 100,000 sub members to their pages. I promise there will still be some (perhaps actually interesting) snark if all we can talk about is people who are actually reasonably upstanding citizens

  9. I think people should just hate follow whoever they want and quit pretending that they care if her royal thin blue line highness, Emily Herren, duchess of blogsnark or Daryl Ann Denner speak out on current events. If their silence on George Floyd’s murder, BLM, StopAsianHate, RBG death, January 6, abortion bans, attacks on trans children (and people), election and showing support for Johnny Depp doesn’t do it, then what the hell is crossing the line? This goes for all of the influencers whose track records have clearly shown where they stand. If they find the time to like transphobic or anti Ketanji Brown Jackson posts and selectively choose when to send their thoughts and prayers, read between the lines

  10. Not giving credit to anyone here. It was implied this wasn't something that negatively impacted BIPOC which isn't true. ''Twas just retorting that.

  11. Then perhaps she should’ve specifically stated black people if the bar is that low that we think sharing a news article and sending more thoughts and prayers is helping a cause. Especially considering that her royal thin blue line highness duchess of blogsnark was liking transphobic and anti Ketanji Brown Jackson posts

  12. That’s Reddit for you. Only “liberal” when it pertains to the interests of straight, white neckbeards and where every discussion about racism turns into “the REAL issue is classism” because heaven forbid conversations do not center around them. And their female counterparts are equally as guilty as are the non black PoC who participate in anti black rhetoric and then turn around and expect black people to be their mouthpieces for issues they don’t want to speak out on

  13. His fiancée isn’t super new - they’ve been together for awhile. Her name is Maya Henry, which, if you’re a Texan, you may recognize her father as Thomas J Henry. The lawyer, with all the ads.

  14. I didn’t know this but then again the only attorney who matters in my mind and is a total legend is Jim Adler

  15. I always lose it when his commercials play in Univision/Telemundo and he says with the thickest country accent: "El martillo tejano". It was an inside joke in my family, the over the top everything plus the accent was just too funny.

  16. They are legendary and now he’s got his son making commercials too. Second to them is “yo soy Clay Cooley”

  17. I don’t like that it’s not the actual commemoration of the end of slavery (like a holiday for the ratification of the 13th amendment), but it’s representative of an anecdotal account of a certain region’s celebration of their enslaved people being made free. Why don’t we celebrate the day my people in Mississippi found out; I’m not from Texas.

  18. I disagree about the part regarding being able to hide one's gender identity vs race, because regardless of what is able to be covered up in public, oppression still 100% affects our marginalized identities, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Sure, I could dress more feminine to not experience so much shit in society, but hiding behind a feminine exterior will not actually shield me from the negative effects of being a masculine/butch woman.

  19. I don’t think it’s problematic for her to say what’s been helping her. She’s not a doctor or a therapist, she’s an influencer. I’d much rather see her recommend praying and walking than shilling medication that might or might not be appropriate for someone else. Influencers walk a fine line of being open/irresponsible and I don’t think Dani has any responsibility to talk about medication.

  20. I think at this point people are looking for reasons to criticize or complain about how she and Jordan are handling her postpartum. Last night it was Jordan is talking over her even though it looked like she was on the verge of tears and he seemed to fill in the gaps for what she wanted to say but couldn’t. Now they need her, Dani Austin, to normalize medical help because she clearly has that kind of power. When/if she is on medication maybe she’ll talk about it, but if she hasn’t started medication despite asking for therapist recommendations in the area, maybe people here should remove expectations of her?

  21. Someone telling me I was going to live in “survival mode” as a new parent would do the opposite of calming my PPD fears.

  22. I find the reactions to Jordan speaking for her over the top. I think he could tell she was on the verge of bursting in tears and she probably told him beforehand that she doesn’t want to sob or have a breakdown on camera and it was obvious she was about to start crying.

  23. I feel like all of this stuff with Jordan is about their own relationships and what they think is "normal". It bothers me to see them repeatedly saying he's talking over her and he needs to "let her speak". It's her Instagram account! She has agency in what she posts. Ofc there are plenty of people in the world who are controlled by spouses, but in this case it really seems like they're working together and he is HELPING her say what she wants. But I feel like people who can't stand up to their partners or actually are always getting talked over can only see her being forced to do something. idk

  24. I never even heard of that term until they kept mentioning that his moose knuckle was distracting

  25. I never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich growing up bc my mom randomly decided that my sister and I wouldn’t like jelly. I never tried it until I was an adult and I actually did like it 😂

  26. My mom was the same way and to be honest she wasn’t wrong about it initially but I’ve grown to like jelly

  27. A plurality of all violent crime against Asian Americans is committed by Black people, who make up roughly 13% of the population. What's your excuse for that?

  28. I am pumped for some fun Cannes fashion this year, especially after the Met Gala felt so blah. Bring on the dramatic stair photos!

  29. Urvashi Rautela, Patricia Contreras, Lori Harvey, Tallia Storm and Meryem Uzerli are my favorite looks from that slideshow. The silhouettes and pops of color are fun.

  30. Hi, just wanted to say Deepika's outfit is a Sari which is a traditional Indian outfit and not a dress or gown :) I really liked her sari (Sabyasavhi ftw!) but her makeup could have been better imo

  31. TIL thank you for the correction. It’s stunning but I’m a sucker for all things sparkly and shiny

  32. LOL please do me a favor and look at @angelialayton’s latest surprise pregnancy announcement and then peek at her last post/advertisement/shill before her announcement post 👀

  33. How do you force activism on your parents if they refuse to engage the discussion? If you have white boomer parents that don’t value education, you can talk till you’re blue in the face and not change their opinions.

  34. Black people have been hosed down, spit on and treated like dirt protesting against racists since the beginning of time and in 2022 white men and women can’t figure out how to navigate problematic family members?

  35. This. I work in accounting and a lot of people are making 80-120K by there late 20's. Starting pay for a fresh faced 22 year old is 60-70K at a lot of firms.

  36. Same for me. That’s why I’m always kinda surprised at how this sub thinks everyone who appears to be in a different financial position than they are is a “30k millionaire” or whatever they call it. I usually assume it’s coming from fellow millennials who are forgetting that a lot of us are 5+ years into our careers

  37. We have a friend who comes over for dinner every other weekend and she suddenly wasn’t drinking and wanted her beef done well (when normally she has it rare). Of course we suspected she was pregnant (and she was! we finally met the bébé last weekend!) but you don’t say anything until they tell you because that’s just what you do. Who are these people who are instantly shouting that a friend must be pregnant if they don’t drink?

  38. The same people who are the plots in tales from AITA

  39. The conversation about buying Chanel in Florence may actually break my brain. How petty is your life if you are enraged that someone is buying a bag from one country in different country? And to suggest shopping at those outdoor leather markets instead! There have been stories for at least a decade about the sweatshops that make the stuff sold there. How is that a better option? Are immigrants being forced to work in horrible conditions a more authentic shopping experience?

  40. You know people on reddit hate name brands and think their super generic, unbranded leather bags and neutral wardrobe scream old money, honey

  41. Ok this is me being extremely petty but it drives me nuts when influencers make a big deal out of buying designer items while on vacation, ESPECIALLY when they aren’t even in the place of origin. @hkcung just made a big show of buying Chanel… in Florence?? Like no shade for buying designer if you can afford it, but wouldn’t it be more meaningful to purchase something that is designed/founded in the city you’re visiting? Gucci and Ferragamo are right. there. Instead she buys an item from a Parisian brand. I get that many shop designer while away for tax reasons but I dunno, maybe just do all the designer shopping at once then and make pretentious reels about it later? It literally has nothing to do with the location itself, it’s all about saving a couple bucks on something that’s already outrageously expensive.

  42. It’s just cheaper there. I’m not an influencer but when I go to Italy I usually stick pick up a few things even if it’s not in the country of origin. I also still manage to shop and do touristy shit because there’s enough time in the day to do both.

  43. Ok. Am I the only person who thinks this dude calling a 14 yo is weird? Because according to the comments this is totally normal. I think that it’s pedo grooming behavior 💯

  44. It’s weird and inappropriate. I can’t speak to whether or not he’s grooming her, it sounds like this was poor judgment on his part. If they were related this would be different, but they’re not.

  45. Can't wait to see this comment get removed because it doesn't follow Reddits narrative

  46. Reddit always upvoted stories when the suspect in these crimes are black though. So I’m confused at what narrative you think is being pushed? A lot of people on Reddit love discussing black on Asian crime in bad faith

  47. Alas. I was excited that there would be a fresh new thread this week, but the first post is the same topic as last week’s.

  48. Then start a new discussion? People probably just want to continue previous discussion

  49. Are those the same mamas that had Dani Austin crying over the mom shaming comments/dms she gets?

  50. Women supporting women ❤️ The only safe space for women ❤️❤️

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