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  1. I lost 20lbs… so I guess it’s different for everyone

  2. was it unintentional if u dont mind me asking?

  3. People in the comments saying it’s not chemotherapy. It most definitely is. If you are taking accutane, you are undergoing a course of chemotherapy. It’s not radiation though. Don’t confuse the two. As to whether or not it will shorten your life, that likely has to do with whether or not you have gene variations that affect your ability to detoxify from the hypervitaminosis A that the treatment puts you into. (i.e., MTHFR gene). The microbiome can also be seriously damaged, and should be rebuilt as soon as possible. There can also be permanent damage to certain organs. It’s a very, very dangerous drug. But, as some people say, it’s worth it to them. There are natural solutions available: look up Dr Berg Acne on YT. Also people with highly sensitive physiology can be more affected due to negative impacts to neurotransmitter production. Anyone who takes Accutane should remain attentive for several years afterward - for a gradual decline in mental, emotional, or physical health. For example, I recently helped a young woman who took Accutane at 16 and was suicidal by 19. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you do experience a gradual decline, after having taken it, there are likely different forms of damage that need to be addressed. All this being said, I really do understand why people take it. I’m not saying that people should not take it, only sharing that some percentage of people that do end up with serious health issues that have to be addressed. My personal opinion is that natural treatment options should be thoroughly exhausted before taking it. Suicide, for example, is a known side effect. It’s not a joke.

  4. thanks for the long message. i mean i personally do not know the correct answer but im open to accepting if this drug could potentially be really dangerous. i feel like a lot of people are just immediately denying that, without much knowledge of it too.

  5. Yeah, OP just didn’t choose the right word. It was—and still now—used for some forms of cancer in the body, but it’s not “chemotherapy. “

  6. true, should've said it's a chemo drug instead of chemotherapy

  7. the nhl/hockey sub hates the coyotes and everyone who defends them lol

  8. She got married just last year and cheated with a minor. she was one of my teachers in yr 7

  9. May I ask how long ago was this (her working in Indro)? I just left a couple years ago and I didn't know her as a teacher there

  10. kenacomb ointment literally healed mine in one day after having it for about 6months. but it's a prescription item (i got it just by GP, not derm)

  11. tea tree oil!! and make sure you moisturise well + sunscreen

  12. oh yesss that means i don't have to get another new moisturiser😂

  13. I've heard a lot of people say how it stunts growth in younger people. Plus, at this age your hormones will be all over the place, I feel like there's a higher chance of relapse after Accutane. Maybe try managing with a topical first?

  14. May I ask, when you first took Accutane at 16, did you not take it with fatty food?

  15. Not really. I kind of just ate it with meals I thought must have fat in it but looking back they def didn’t have much. Was eating what my parents made me for lunch and dinner

  16. hey may i ask if u've tried other treatments (like topical creams) prior? because i would also like to request for accutane but i haven't tried other treatments, dk if it'll be approved

  17. it's understandable that he's acting this way due to this own trauma, but it's not excusable. doesn't sound like he's ready for a relationship until he fixes his issues, it's not ur responsibility. i think communication is key, u should let him know that you didn't pick up on him flirting with u and also the way he's acting...see if both of u are willing to work it out, if not then :/

  18. I've not tried Absorica myself but I've only heard good things about it! It's more convenient (no need to take with fats) and apparently people say it works better. It's not available in many countries tho.

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