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  1. 13 is by far better. The smaller notch and the build is all so nice

  2. I mean when he played. People used to shit on him whenever he used to play no matter what he did

  3. Quade cooper or Foley back at 10 for sure. He does not have the time to develop a younger 10 for this World Cup

  4. what is with this weird obsession with backhand shit talking re LGBT stuff lately? you can complain about the lack of a flag without prejudiced commentary.

  5. I couldn’t care less about lgbt. But to me it looks like lgbt is given higher priority than people’s culture and identity

  6. Reminder this 🫃 became an emoji before the Assyrian flag become an emoji.

  7. In an interview today, when asked what players he was looking forward to working with in the Wallabies, he named-dropped Edmed, Donaldson, Foley and Quade.

  8. Quade hasn't even started training yet, let alone played a match since he blew his Achilles

  9. Yes Foley as of right now is number 1 choice but Lolesio is not World Cup quality so we need Quade on the bench at the very least

  10. Can someone post the full video interview please

  11. Are you saying these are the two best? Because iPhone 6 is easily my least favorite.

  12. Yes, they really are that bad. Waiting on a parcel that was sent by DHL from auz... Its been in Auckland (I'm Wellington) since 21st December. I enquired... Its been handed over to aramex. Where it has stood still for two weeks. Infuriating. I wish you could tell what courier company people use in advance, I would not buy from any that use aramex

  13. Mine is still in Wellington and it’s been 3 days. I’m in Auckland. Their website says delivery takes 2-3 days 🤣 my ass

  14. I've both had things delivered incredibly quickly and also having taken a while from them. Since you have an iPhone coming I'd keep a close eye on the tracking so you know roughly when to expect it could arrive.

  15. Bernard foley should’ve stayed as a bench cover. He’s way better than Noah lolesio

  16. I’m not a expert but boot loops are fairly easy to fix. A fix I used back in 2015 was leaving the phone and waiting for the battery to die and then booting it back up again. After this delete whatever caused the boot loop

  17. Not a big loss. Maybe for crusaders not for All Blacks

  18. This is amazing for rugby. Idc what anyone says

  19. Robertson could well have turned down the opportunity. For all his chat about wanting to coach multiple international teams, he clearly covets the ABs role most. If he takes another test job and things don't go well he may never get the chance.

  20. Doesn’t hurt to try. He took the Barbarian job so he obviously has interest in England

  21. And he’s said himself he’d like to coach England.

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