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  1. Local coffee shops never have easy parking, and they take forever when you’re inside.

  2. There's Cuplux and The Human Bean that are drive through coffee shops.

  3. Nice, thanks. Are they fast enough for a morning coffee or nah

  4. yeah, as fast or faster than starbucks - I think you can even order cuplux online ahead of time.

  5. I buy a lot of thrifted silk. And I machine wash, and tumble dry low and rip them out of the dryer and hang them and hope for the best.

  6. Would love a train to Atlanta that leaves at a reasonable time.

  7. I love the Charlotte - Raleigh route, and I would take the train to Atlanta if the schedule wasn't terrible.

  8. I can't think of an item I would want yearly. My mom usually gives me wool socks every year, but I don't wear them out as fast as I receive them. Most of my towels are 15 years old and in great shape. I'm crazy picky about sheets (and again, am just recently replacing ones I got 10 years ago). I use cloth napkins, those are nice to receive (but again, I'm picky, no polyester).

  9. My company is hiring for sales support preferably with machining experience. Need to be able to read a part print and make timestudies. CNC lathe experience preferred. Must have good computer & written communication skills (MS Office programs especially excel, drafting software). Must have a current or previous manager to use as a reference, pass drug test and background test.

  10. For anyone interested, I do some UX design work for a psychometrics company.

  11. nice, my boss is red/green color blind so I try to be conscious of that when I'm highlighting text or making charts, but this is very helpful

  12. I thought my old middle school in Illinois was the only one that got bomb threats. This was in 2009-2010. Parents were sort of made aware and about 70% of students show up to school the next day. This happened several times.

  13. I remember sitting in the gym at middle school twice because of bomb threats. that would have been around 1999-2000

  14. I have literally heard 'pas mon singe, pas mon cirque' - I think I heard it in French before I heard it in English

  15. Is your problem that your machine isn't a free arm? So you can't get the pant leg over it? Usually I can manage to squirm the fabric around so I can sew just one layer at a time. but if you can't then just hand sew.

  16. I know you specifically asked about the Charlotte ballet version, but tickets can be very expensive especially if you are taking little kids. Check out smaller cheaper versions from Matthews Ballet and Dance (in Matthews) or Piedmont Dance Theater (in Mooresville and Salisbury)

  17. Consider the source (Fortune) on this article to understand the propaganda.

  18. So many companies will only post senior level roles and then acts all shocked when senior level talent applies and wants a high wage. Or younger talent applies, but then is offended when they're offered a jr role (that isn't even posted). It's dumb and I've tried to talk my company out of it.

  19. I know but it seems I like it gets earlier and earlier every year. It was like the day after Halloween this year. Pretty soon they’re just gonna be playing Christmas music for 3-4 straight months all the way through December.

  20. I think it's been the day after halloween for several years. I just don't understand why they do it.

  21. Plumber here: I always suggest avoiding the water/ice features. Not just because of the likelihood for the feature to malfunction on the fridge itself, but 9/10 times the line that feeds the fridge WILL leak. Regardless of whether it's copper or poly, if it runs through a cabinet, or through the floor, it WILL eventually leak.

  22. ours leaked, luckily we caught it before major damage. and now we have a moisture sensor set up incase it happens in the future

  23. LG is quite nice and not super expensive. I only hear bad things about Samsung.

  24. My current LG is having freezer and ice maker issues, but it's also from 2008. it still works, but sometimes leaks water, or the freezer draw has ice build up.

  25. I also need to do this. They do make a mesh repair tape if you have a lot of this to do.

  26. Also, obviously not all sewists are women, but throughout history a lot of them were, and the fact that sewing isn't widely recognized as an incredibly difficult and impressive skill is a direct result of patriarchy! If sewing was male-dominated and carpentry was female-dominated, society's perceptions of those crafts would be very different. So, shoutout to all the women whose "domestic" labor went unrecognized for all those generations. We see you.

  27. Sewing is both art and geometry and there is so much to know about materials and technique, and also the machine itself. Professionally I'm in metal machining (formerly a machinist, but in sales now), so men are very surprised about my sewing hobby. Learning to sew as a kid probably set me on my path because math, blueprints & machines, but I ended up in metal machining because it pays well.

  28. Harris Teeter pepper jack pimiento cheese is the bomb and absolutely a reason I miss living there.

  29. the HT pimiento cheese is as good or better than any other other brands I've tried.

  30. I know someone that worked there for several years and they've never heard of this. I know that they had a "ghost" they called Dusty in the basement (kitchen) because stuff would fall off shelves down there but realistically it's just an old building nothing is level or plumb and there's massive daily fluctuations in humidity and temperature indoors due to poor or nonexistent insulation.

  31. There's a show called "Paranomal Home Inspectors" and they bring in a couple of paranomal experts and a certified home inspector. I watched it on amazon prime awhile back. But just watching the home inspector go 'of course that light flickers, look at this wiring', 'yeah this room is cold, you put the dresser on top of the heat vent' or 'those growling sounds you hear? you have raccoons in your attic'.

  32. not me wondering "what's brian up to now" - apparently has a book and webinar series.

  33. I would get some silk thread and probably some jeweler's glasses. Darn it back as best you can, then see about patching it with a silk scarf.

  34. Aren’t Jesus people supposed to believe that everyone can be saved and only God can judge?

  35. Internal, not client facing. Charlotte, NC (aka, the financial capital of the South)

  36. AAAHHH I'm also in Charlotte, NC - I'm in manufacturing though, so my rough around the edges, farm kid upbringing isn't totally out of the norm.

  37. I love textiles, so forgive me in advance for blathering at you! Nice fabric goes a lot deeper than just the fiber content, though that’s important. But that said, there is a lot of cheap silk out there that is not going to give you the quality look that you want, and these days there are some very high end designers that use really nice man-made fabrics. In general, but not always, you will probably enjoy natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton, and linen - and maybe rayon/modal which are kind of on the bubble, as they use a natural component that’s created in a lab using a chemical process.

  38. I really wish I understood more about the varieties of silk. Do you have any resources to point me at? I have a collection of 2nd hand silk tops, but there's one from Joie that is much smoother and denser than the others. And french seams throughout. it's just a great blouse.

  39. honestly I've had good luck with men's sweaters at TJ Maxx. I got one from this company many years ago. It is similar to this one

  40. I just darned a hole in my jeans and the results are pretty good. Darn from the outside to push the white frayed bits to the inside and trim them as needed.

  41. These are my favorite jeans, and my new beagle (1yr old) has decided that my underwear and pants are delicious. There was one smaller hole I had already darned before this one. Looks like I still have a little work to do on this one, but overall very happy with the fix.

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