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  1. I don't know where you are at but Sam's club has Tomahawk ribeye for $9.99 and the membership only costs $45 a year. I buy a tomahawk ribeye about every 2 weeks. Sometimes on sale for $7.59 lb. $22 is crazy! Hard Pass on the tomahawks.

  2. Flavour additives would be explicitly against the SWA rulings because it is an additive not listed, however I think the usage of smoked malt from sources other than peat would be a legally grey area. This would ultimately be decided by lawyers and teh SWA whether it violates the spirit of the law

  3. I'm a newbie to Scotch in general and Heavily Peated Scotch in particular but I love Ardbeg Corryvreckan. Is there anyway to compare Corryvreckan to the Malts you were able to taste. I'm in Michigan, USA. There's no way I will ever see, much less taste the Ardbeg you are talking about but, I do have Corryvreckan. An amazing dram in my book. Unmatched in complexity. So, Corryvreckan as a baseline,as it were, how do these compare? If a comparison can be made....I love Corryvreckan.

  4. Very interesting. I know I rated the 2015 and 2016 higher, but it's been long enough that I can't really make a direct comparison. This one ticked a lot of boxes for me.

  5. I got them from The Whisky World, but unfortunately they sold out very quickly.

  6. I meant to follow-up with a review of this malt after writing my Ballechin 10 review a while back, but never quite got around to it. Along with the 40% 10 year old expression, the 46% 12 Year is one of the more available Edradour bottlings. The flag label is pretty cheesy and a bit over the top, but I guess it's fitting, considering the connection to Dougie Maclean. (Question: is Dougie really still personally selecting casks these days?)

  7. I'm so glad to see your review. I've been on my Scotch journey since late 2019 and have collected several bottles, "to try at some time". One "set" is the Edradour 12 and a bottle of Ballechin10yr. I'll be getting into these after the first of the year and this gives my a reference to the 12yr. Thanks

  8. I bought Laga 16 last Wednesday for the first time and it’s delightful. It’s smooth flavorful with a nice very slight oaky finish/aftertaste. However it’s expensive and not complex enough that justifies it’s recent inflated price. Also a minus for chill filtering and coloring.

  9. And a big minus for the low ABV seems to precipitate the chillfiltering and the color is just stupid. The price is cuz they can and folks STILL BUY IT!!!!!

  10. That's because it's Craft Presented with 46% ABV Non-chillfiltered and no color added. It's clean and pure. It's a shame Laphroaig makes SO MUCH MONEY from selling all that Water calling it whisky!

  11. You baked it at 400 to 128? How long did that take 5mins?

  12. I'm doing a 2.5 pound tomorrow on my gas, infrared grill sub 350 to 120 then pull it to rest till I crank up the grill to 500+ and add a blowtorch to insure crust add butter during rest. Do you think it'll work?

  13. Lots of oil, 3 minutes each side with a good bit of oil, my other secret is a weird one, herb and cheese blend from papa Murphys, cooks super well and creates a thick crust, love it to death. I typically make sure to move the oil around a good bit to cover the entire steak while cooking, nothing really special

  14. Wow! That's moving towards the powdered milk thing I've heard about.

  15. Generally 2+ inches so the tomahawk ribeye is in a special class of ribeye

  16. It's not difficult and it makes a tremendous amount of difference in the flavor of the steak. Google it there's a great amount of information on how to make it or how to administer to your steak.

  17. Cool steak. Pepper only. Place in a cold pan (not my CI). Place on burner on hi heat. Let it sit for 2 mins flip, 2 mins flip, turn heat to med and flip every min. Internal temp is 125. I over shot this one to 130. Salt after.

  18. Why not CI that's all I have.? Also I take it no oil in the pan? When do you use the steak rub and compound butter is at the end?

  19. My CI smokes and I needed the pan to heat up quickly. Right, no oil only pepper. No steak rub. Butter at the end.

  20. Well my wife just brought home a couple of Ribeyes that well be my entry into Cold Searing.

  21. That chuck eye was a work of art. Do they raise artesian cows?

  22. No, it's not the cows. It's the butcher that knows how to cut them out of the Chuck Roast. There's only a few in the Chuck Roast and the butcher that knows how to cut them out is an artist.

  23. I've been eating Chuckeye Center cut steaks for decades! Love them especially if they are 2" thick! Meat cutters love folks that know what they are!

  24. Brine it 24,12,1hour(your choice) I often brine it around 8pm the night before cooking at 4-5pm the next day. Paper towel to soak up any extra water or moisture from the surface. Use an oil (avocado) as a binder for fresh ground black pepper, Steak Rub (if you have it) then be sure to baste it in butter with garlic and rosemary at the end. During sear for crust.

  25. Thank you so very much for this absolutely fabulous review, worts and all?!!! I hadn't fully understood all the "stuff" that Ardbeg had been doing that got the MALTYVERSE so angry but now I think I can a degree.

  26. Thank you so very much for your post! I've always wanted to try Waygu and now, not so much! I guess when it's all said and done....beef fat is fat. I love

  27. Small local market or butcher? I’d do the same… Costco or large corporation? I’m buying them!

  28. Exactly! Buy local and support local. I'd have done the same.

  29. You have really drunk the kool aid on this haven't you. Unless you are the world's most skillful taster, you would have next to zero chance of having any ability to detect a 43 vs 46 in a blind taste test.

  30. Hello, I was just thumbing through my comments and found yours. I'll be honest that I haven't had benromach yet. But I kept thinking from time to time about the taste test of 43% ABV and Chillfiltered scotches and I realized that it was the lack of flavor and mouthfeel that finally drove me from low ABV chillfiltered scotches.

  31. Hi remember me? We discussed Ardbeg Corryvreckan about 6 months ago. Looks like things got better for you. Did you get any Corryvreckan?

  32. Matured in a combination of first and second fill bourbon barrels and finished in a combination of Pedro Ximénez and heavily charred oak casks. NAS.

  33. Excellent review. This is one of my all time favorite scotches. If I had only one scotch from Campbeltown it would not be Springbank 10 it would be Glen Scotia Victoriana all the way!

  34. I believe I ordered this one on Finedrams. I find it cheaper to order a bunch of bottles every couple months and ship them to the US. Plus the selection in my state sucks. Shipping isn’t bad when you are buying 5 bottles and saving 20-50 bucks in mark up on each one.

  35. Well that would make it around $70 if you had enough bottles to bring down the shipping cost per bottles. Thanks for the info. I hadn't realized they had restocked. Even with shipping and the smaller bottle it beats the local price. I'm putting together an order for them as well.

  36. Well, my Old friend MadSingleMalt I hope it helps you. Thanks again for your help in Wisconsin. I'm finding out that I don't always want Corryvreckan in my glass. I do really appreciate the full spectrum of scotch. But when it comes down to a heavily peated Islay, Corryvreckan rules in my book.

  37. If I found it for $82 I'd be interested to find out if there was a price increase anticipated. Without alarming the staff that the price was so much lower than other parts of the country. Then I would save up, maybe take out a loan and buy as much as I could (depending on how much you love Corryvreckan) .

  38. I really enjoy it, esp for the price (just over $50 in Ohio). Gotta love Ardbeg for offering 3 entry level, peaty scotches to choose from (Wee Beastie and the 10) Each a little different, but all good.

  39. I don't know if you all have seen and enjoyed the Graphic Novel "Planet Ardbeg" but it is a real hoot!

  40. Thanks! We would love more PC, too - we have a bottle of the usual 10 year, but have yet to find one with a wine cask finish, so we’ll keep looking.

  41. All this mention of Corryvreckan has me remembering my comparison of Octomore 9.1 and 12.2, Lagavulin 12 yr CS 2018, Laphroaig 10 yr CS and Corryvreckan.. Corryvreckan stands, IMHO a bit taller than all these Giants of Islay. I actually prefer it though I do have back up bottles of Lagavulin and Laphroaig. I have 6 back up bottles of Corryvreckan!

  42. I just polished off my first and only bottle of Corryvrecken feeling much the same as I did when I opened it - a little disappointed. It didn't grow on me like I thought or hoped it would.

  43. I'm planning to buy another bottle of Uigeadail because I didn't dislike it but I personally found it was too sherried for my personal taste. There are those that love Porters and Stout and they thought an Imperial IPA is just way too bitter too.....much. I I'm the opposite I love 11% Imperial IPA but think the Porter and Stout is too cloying. That's why they make them both.

  44. And no Glen Scotia? Last year's Distillery of the year? And no Glenallachie? With Billy Walker at the helm?

  45. I've always wanted to believe in the basic goodness of the spirit from any and every distillery. That if a cask could be rescued from the adulterations of the corporations that possess the money and power to present low ABV chillfiltered scotches. If that cask could be saved from that fate and aged/ matured and then presented in an unadulterated manner it would be excellent.

  46. This is the NOT medium rare. That is the way I order my steak NOT QUITE Medium. There's a bit more red than the pink of medium and not as red as medium rare

  47. There needs to be another designation between medium rare and medium. That's too long of a stretch. Like medium medium rare or rare medium or something.

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