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  1. It's robot welding, it's not usually done on structural parts. Looking at the comments for what you paid, I would send it back and find a better quality brand. If you are happy with it use it.

  2. If DJT's mouth is moving he's lying, if he's awake he's lying, if he's alive he's lying. Anyone who thinks anything said by DJT is true is most likely a supporter.

  3. The truck in front is in the wrong, they are traveling and not passing. The far left lane is for active passing.

  4. You look like you went backwards. Most people go goth them revert back to normal.

  5. I believe the correct name for those are slip joint pliers.

  6. I checked mine regularly, always drove at reasonable speeds (60-65 mph), and still had 2 blowouts on one trip. One wrapped itself around the axel, the other tore up the interior like this. Didn’t discover the damage until I got home. Crappy stock tires are crap.

  7. I always recommend getting rid of the stock tires. The factors use the cheapest ones they can find, in hopes they make it thru the warranty. The tires on this rig were 13 years old, they had no business being on the interstate.

  8. Lol nice, I was going to go join the sub, but I guess it doesn't have any moderators so it got blocked from Reddit.

  9. It can't happen fast enough, I would even for go him going to prison.

  10. I heard someone say his hair looks like cotton candy that was made from piss

  11. Find a way to compromise. Maybe her issue is how it’s displayed? Offer to get a nice lighted corner curio or something. If it’s a matter of space maybe offer to keep a few of your faves as window decor and box the rest? All I can say is happy wife happy life, so instead of saying no, find a good way for you to address her request without actually giving them away.

  12. Too much money is involved. People that want to make money love holidays, just look at what has happened to Halloween, it is now a pseudo-holiday replete with massive commercialism.

  13. The bigger problem is greed has taken over every aspect of this nation. Anybody that thinks they can make a dollar doing something will stop at nothing to make a buck. Whether it's wrong or right.

  14. Lol when I first saw the title, it looked like it said Steve Bannon was going to marry MTG. Nasty

  15. It will be very interesting to find out who it was. Him saying it's important to shield his cash cow, just means it need to be made public. What makes him so special he is nothing but a criminal just like DJT.

  16. You can have your opinion. I could care less what it is. You don't need to try and tell me what I can and can't say. It's my opinion it should be taken down, I was not asking you.

  17. Take your mental instability and go find someone who cares, leave me alone. 🖕

  18. Full disclosure, I drive a 1982 MCI MC9 Bus ( Greyhound) conversion, it's 41 years old and never left me stranded. Likely has 2-3 million miles on it.

  19. 5th wheels are the worst for being underbuilt. They put two 6-8k axles under a 16k trailer and say 10% should be on the truck. If you travel with a full load of water it's very likely maxed out going down the road, with no suspension travel left due to the excess weight. It's truly sad how much manufacturers can get away with as acceptable.

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