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  1. I gotta admit this is a little odd, since Pro Wrestling WAVE is not one of AEW's partner promotions. Maybe TK is looking to purchase them? Are there any good prospects in this promotion that would bolster the women's division?

  2. This was like a premium AEW Dark. Luckily, I like AEW Dark!

  3. Part of me wants Julia to use her spooky powers to mess with Jade and co?

  4. can we just get Julia in competitive matchups? Even if she loses

  5. regular Rumble rules until the final four but then the Cell drops down and it's pinfall or submission!

  6. I think my favorite recent one is Jarrett trying to get "The Last Outlaw" over and the commentators just calling him Double J

  7. ROH is probably a good for for Athena, she can be the big fish in the small pond there. On Dynamite she gets lost in the shuffle with it's stacked roster of people better than her.

  8. she's actually done an excellent job of reinventing herself. She even worked the office into thinking she was going too hard on her opponents.

  9. Athena has been doing awesome work on Youtube but I'm afraid that being ROH Women's Champion may be more of an anchor than anything that helps her.

  10. And here I thought it was because Kairi is an international star and a great wrestler...

  11. I think that Dave maybe didn't watch the match because the way it was booked was designed to make Mayu sympathetic. She gave up the SWA belt in order to challenge for the IWGP belt and then during the match, had it won multiple times if it weren't for bad luck. If anything, they are setting it up as a redemption story for Mayu.

  12. This and what Dave reported can both be true at the same time.

  13. Well, with Stardom doing record business, I hope their stars get compensated accordingly. :)

  14. I guess you could consider HOOK an example of this. He was on TV for a year before he was sent. And even now, his match with Lee Moriarty from like 2 weeks ago, is the only competitive match on his record, as the rest were just squashes

  15. the fact that they didn't run back Best Friends/BCC for Yuta's soul properly when they all came back from injuries is a massive missed opportunity. a quick Underestimated Silly Gimmicks vs Serious Fucking Wrestlers feud would be much more fun than extending JAS for literal months on end, especially since everyone in BCC can work comedy very well without losing any edge - OC versus Bryan or Claudio would fucking rock.

  16. but wouldn't you rather see Daniel Garcia turn on Jericho and then join Jericho again?

  17. The demo build had "holy shit" chants. I wonder if they will be removed.

  18. I think the raid battles are multi-phase. Like maybe the mon HAS to do the phase where it "gathers energy"

  19. It's your run. Play it by whatever rules you want. I think it might be more fun to use the new mechanics but maybe less challenging

  20. Ok now I'm picturing VKM spending his retirement binging CrunchyRoll

  21. Do you think he's watching Death Note and texting HHH he needs to do a character like Light?

  22. I think Vince is only watching harem anime

  23. by contrast, the AEW championship has only been defended on one continent that I can recall. Jericho faced Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom with an AEW title shot in the balance if Tana won (however Tanahashi lost) so maybe you could make an argument that the AEW championship has been defended on TWO continents if you are applying the definition loosely.

  24. bret hart and climbing the turnbuckles is fascinating to me. like, even when he celebrates, he doesn't climb up high.

  25. Bret did break out the tope suicida once in a while. Although, this move is between the top and middle rope, so it still doesn't break the pattern.

  26. the tender is probably not legal

  27. I'm probably going to get down voted to oblivion here but PLEASE stop putting Anna Jay on Dynamite.

  28. I think the match was still entertaining because Willow is great

  29. I thought that too but why bow wow when snoop is right there? He's already had previous appearances and is a way bigger name

  30. I think for the sake of the angle, it would be weird for Jade to randomly have beef with Snoop Dogg, since he's a national treasure.

  31. Legit surprised. I thought Kiera Hogan getting kicked out of The Baddies by Jade was leading to Tasha coming in and getting them back together.

  32. maybe they are gonna run Kiera with Diamante and didn't think Diamante would fit the baddies? Or maybe Kiera is going back to Impact?

  33. At what point does FTR Bald take too many singles losses for him to feel like a credible challenger? I think his only singles win came from the first round of the Owen Hart tournament.

  34. I hope we eventually get a Dax vs Anthony Bowens singles match as these two always put on bangers as singles and one of them would have to win

  35. I would say that Max The Impaler and Sarah Logan are completely different characters. Max is a lovable but violent giant in the mould of Hodor or Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

  36. Billie's got a great future. Also, she came out to Aliens Exist by Blink-182, which made me feel really old when I realized she was younger than that song.

  37. One that comes to mind is Claudio's Swiss Death/Very European Uppercut

  38. I don't care if she's not the best in-ring worker. This woman fucking gets wrestling.

  39. I think Itoh is one of the most creative wrestlers out there when it comes to her in-ring performances. Of course, when you try something different than the norm, it is bound to be polarizing.

  40. It's interesting how Riho is never at these events with Emi and Shida. Maybe she's just a really private person

  41. she was in Singapore this past week when this was taken

  42. Sometimes it just seems like she disappears and reappears every 7 weeks or so LOL

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