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  1. The announcer would say Dikembe’s name in all nine languages when announcing him in the starting lineup when he played for the Nuggets.

  2. Ibanez Flying Pan RI for the Mu-tron?

  3. I would love a smaller version of

  4. Sounds like he found her chlitorus

  5. He’s the funnest player to watch right now imo. I agree he gets no ‘spect.

  6. A used Oceans 11 is the best bang for the buck drippy spring reverb imo but is upwards of $100. My first budget Reverb was a Biyang Baby Boom Reverb and it worked just fine and I liked it. Those can be had much cheaper but aren’t drippy. A Danelectro Filthy Rich tremolo is also a great affordable choice for surf music.

  7. Not offense but Corliss Waitman is our MVP, right?

  8. Wouldn’t you be able to put the fourth pedal before the Tri Parrallel mixer or would that be run in series?

  9. Whatcha selling the Milkman for?

  10. Olympic Manor and the Nutcracker house are my two favorites

  11. It’s easy to just scroll past things you don’t want to read.

  12. Harold Beane says he used a Fuzz Tone in an article for Walk On By. Not sure if thats the name of the pedal or simply saying a fuzz tone and tremolo. But I remember not too long ago here, someone posted pictures of the Walk On By studio recording and his fuzz pedal was zoomed in and identified. Sorry I don't remember but it began with an "S". I do remember looking for the schmatic but its a rare pedal for the era.

  13. Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried a couple Fuzz tone type pedals and am currently using a DOD Carcosa that can hit it pretty close. I’ll try looking into it. Maybe the pedal with an S is a Shin-Ei FY-2?

  14. Not really, no. I had both. The Park is really smooth; it’s a nice fun Fuzz to play but if you want gated and velcro, go with the Keeley Fuzz Bender.

  15. Right on. Think I may buy both and shoot ‘em out

  16. In 2018 Real Madrid won the Champions League and France won the World Cup. I’d say Real Madrid would likely be able to beat France mainly because that core group of players is practicing and competing year round with the same coaches.

  17. How did you bypass the amp? Did you modify it? Or are hot rods just capable of that? I saw a blues jr today at GC for the same price as the quilter cab. I thought, if I can just bypass the head and use this superblock, then I get a solid state and a tube amp in one.

  18. Hey and to be clear, once you bypass the amp, you are bypassing the pre and power tubes so you are essentially using a solid state Quilter amp and only the combo amp’s speaker. You would be better off either buying a combo amp and disregarding the Quilter altogether or use the Quilter and buy a cabinet. Fender sells a Hot Rod cabinet only so that would likely be a good option. I only am using my Hot Rod like this because I don’t own a dedicated cabinet. Hope this helps

  19. Well let me walk you through the logic here. I have about 800 bucks to spend. Tube amps get too loud most of the time. But there are random moments through the week that I can turn it up and let it rip. Other times when the lady is home or its late, I need to turn it down and try to get some cool sounds going through headphones or just plain attenuated.

  20. Now that I understand what you are trying to achieve, simply put a Quilter into a used Fender cab will go a long way and if you ever get into recording into a DAW you will have that option as well. You’d easily be under $600 and have extra money for pedals if you are into that. I’m all about tube amps but you will get an awesome sound from just driving the Super Block into a good 12” cabinet on it’s own. Folks will swear by tubes and I don’t disagree but a lot of the mojo is in the air being pushed by the speaker and the tone is in your fingers and not those tubes my dude. If you want a tube combo amp just buy a combo amp outright and save yourself the headache of connecting/disconnecting/modding or buying utility pedals to make it work so you can just play. But you do you! Just my two cents. Cheers!

  21. Just spend a little more and get a HX Stomp used. You will have access to a multitude of amps and pedals and won’t have to stress over a board and a psu with dedicated power.

  22. Also the QFC on Holman sells them in singles but only a couple different flavors. It’s honestly about the Lilikoi for me

  23. Dude I have been on the search for this and the best I’ve found is $1.29 a pop at the Oak Tree Market. Most Asian supermarkets sell singles of it but I haven’t seen anything in bulk. Please respond if you find it and good luck!

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