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  1. My dad’s driving a Nitro Yellow one right now and man is it ever a stunning automobile in person. Pictures don’t really do the lines or proportions justice.

  2. Only took them 9 years to open Simeon's showroom lmao

  3. Mile High Club construction finally being finished. LOL, yeah right.

  4. Hence the “yeah right”… y’all assuming I don’t actually play or something. 😂

  5. One of the few cars that roof box actually looks good on.

  6. Have you seen the new audi Etron? Looks dope with the roof box!

  7. Not yet, I’ve only bought the XO and the Greenwood so far.

  8. Based OP with the best thread I’ve seen on this entire sub. Great responses dude.

  9. Second thread in a row with a Seinfeld quote, nice.

  10. My Alligator talisman glitched, and I’m forever stuck at 99.8%. Fuck me right, only game I’ve ever tried to get 100%.

  11. You just have a problem with everything that others enjoy don’t you

  12. “Fuck you and everything you hold dear” but seriously no? I like a lot of stuff people “generally like” but I also don’t care about history or whatever from a design standpoint. Oh cool the old ones had the same ugly handles for 18 years or however long the outgoing model lasted for. Hated ‘em then, hate this new gen. What’s hard to understand here.

  13. Where is everyone getting this from? What the fuck is going on? You’re being incredibly negative so I’m just trying to say stop being negative, where did the “fuck you and everything you hold dear” come from? I never said that?

  14. Fuck you and fuck the stupid reddit mods suck my fucking dick you’re all retarded as fuck.

  15. Thank god John came in the clutch with the iguana scale. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  16. I didn’t even know you could get scales off them, I thought they just gave the skin and herptile meat?

  17. Yeah. I could definitely try that, but the one thing im worried about is damaging the shift lever or even some parts of the transmission, would that possibly happen with excessive force? cuz not only is there loctite but it’s also a damaged thread, the thing is really stuck :/

  18. Pop that trim up that holds the bottom of the leather boot in place, maybe you can get a second set of locking pliers on the actual threaded metal part of the shifter. That way you can force them against each other and not risk torquing the whole shebang out of there.

  19. Jesus. I coulda snatched a bottle for $64.99 CAD but the LCBO website is a pain and I really can’t buy another bottle right now. They were up for a day and now gone, but at least the price was fair.

  20. By the time I even noticed, Blanton’s was already sold out. I’m subbed to all the emails both LCBO and Vintages Shop but didn’t get one for this release, only last months “Duo of Aged Drams,” release.

  21. Chamoy is a spicy/sweey/tangy sauce made from fruit pulp and chile, usually from tamarind and plums. We usually eat it with other fruits and chips.

  22. Thanks bud, definitely don’t wanna order some stupid expensive offset mount, or drill into my bumper either. It’s somehow 32 years old and still doesn’t have holes in it, fuck if I’m gonna be the one to do it.

  23. Ya that would be an absolute crime to drill into a mint bumper most of them out there have the holes and those two stupid lil dents where the holes are from the plate my stock bumper was massacred by one of the previous owners I don't know what happened but somehow it involved self tapers and bondo

  24. Lmfao dear god. The things you find working on these cars. 🤣 my headlight switch was held in with clear marine silicone. It’s literally fine just needed to find 2 small screws. NOPE PUMP IT FULL OF GOOP

  25. Storage plays a huge part in this. Temp/humidity of the room, especially if they’re out of the box. Idk you might be able to find what you need hanging on the wall at your local wrap shop if they have any leftover, but I’ve also had a hell of a time applying some old wrap that was subject to extreme temp swings and high humidity environment, (washing cars all winter with the heaters on and basically steaming the room daily,) needed extensive post heating and would not stick nearly as well as “new” material, but in the end it did work. No complaints about lifting.

  26. Janice is convinced Livia had a fortune stashed away somewhere and wants to get her greasy fingers on it. Junior had previously told Tony that Johnny Boy had left Livia with a huge nest egg in the event of his passing, so she had plenty of money to keep her comfortable.

  27. Also Uncle Jun’ was rumored to have a stash somewhere, probably explains her willingness to take care of his mummy head.

  28. There’s nothing to get! She’s a vegetarian.

  29. Was just wondering this too, looks real familiar.

  30. When Vito screamed “FUCK ME” when he was doing manual labor 😂😂

  31. LOL somehow missed that whole scene on my first watch, but yeah that one was SO relatable it even made up for the odd voiceover.

  32. Oh, true. Kinda wish they would add stuff like this to the store even for like 20-30 gold. Make it available st Madam Nazar. Better than the Arthur outift.

  33. What’s that outfit 10/20 from? That vest specifically, old outlaw pass?

  34. The roof may be a pain solo, just due to size. But I’ve seen a guy solo a Yukon, just need good magnets and masking tape. If you can get a pair of hands to help you out, shouldn’t be too hard.

  35. Very detailed answer! Thank you for this! Any special tools other than a heat gun?

  36. What other fella said should cover it. Might need a torx screwdriver for the door handles but I actually have no idea as I haven’t done this specific car? Most of them are, though.

  37. Went through this myself, ended up rebuilding the mirrors I had. Even with a colour change to black, cheaper than any alternative.

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