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  1. Generational Wealth…aka “The Birth Lottery”

  2. You could extend the birth lottery to everything. Looks, smarts, physical ability, health etc.

  3. Well what the fuck were they doing leading up to January 6th, 2021? 🤕

  4. Google maps says it’ll be over a day by bike, so I’ll get there eventually

  5. 😂😂 well I hope to see you one day!

  6. Man I used to go through there sometimes when coming from Chilhowie to Grundy. Always seemed like a nice town but man you ain’t kidding about rural.

  7. Some communities here still can’t get internet brought to them….it’s 2022 lol insane

  8. Iykyk. Thank you man. Too many late bloomers in this joint.

  9. I was surprised to not have seen it before I commented

  10. The mural is awesome, but tell me more about your pizza shop!

  11. Thank you! I’m obsessed with the mural! They did a great job! And if you wanna follow the progress and see more about the pizza shop the instagram is @gordosbrickoven

  12. That’s sick! How does the get what you get work?

  13. It’s like a gum ball machine, all of the plastic pods are filled with tattoos, you put token in, and whatever you get out of the machine is the tattoo you get!

  14. Same, he’s on my Mount Rushmore of influential people I’ve never met. Tony, Kendrick Lamar, Tom Brady, and Popcorn Sutton.

  15. I don’t know shit about economics, but I know enough about this sub to realize most posts are politically driven.

  16. I live in Appalachia, Southwest VA…these goddamn places are everywhere. Their breakfast is ok, but I’ve never received a hot lunch or dinner from there. The fuckin okra is almost like it’s just sat out in the sink to thaw and served at room temperature after thawing lol

  17. Ok, I’m really ignorant when it comes to economics, trying to learn more….but how can you solely blame one political party? I’d imagine the prices were seeing is all the money printed off by the trump administration during the pandemic, the Russian oil were no longer getting, and some corporate greed? If I’m wrong or there’s more to it, please educate me

  18. That’s what they call me 🤠….well, most people at least!

  19. Vinnie is a great guy, and they have great products. That bag of pre shredded bacio cheese however is not one of them. They use cellulose as an anti caking agent. Try Grande, they nitrogen flush the bag instead.

  20. Going with block bacio…whole milk. Been in the pizza business for 8 years….pre shredded cheese is no bueno to me! Lol

  21. I usually just walk by it about 50 times as if it’s not there when it’s empty

  22. Awesome truck! Try to hang onto that thing forever!! One day you can tell your grand kids where it came from 😎

  23. Thought it was someone hitting a bong mid war

  24. It depends on what you're looking for but a good friend of mine is "magicscienceland" on Instagram. He does a lot of good cloud scapes and cartooney land scapes that might look good on the side of a business, depending on what you're aim is. Lenny is either based out of Virginia or North Carolina, I think he's pretty mobile.

  25. I know an amazing professional muralist (in WV), if you’re willing to pay. He’s booked for the summer though I think.

  26. I too feel weirdly about stars and dots…I was thinking about doing ivy and flowers for my fillers…but really like this!

  27. I haven’t seen it yet! Just something I came up with in my mind hahaha

  28. Don’t sweat it! If you really really decide you don’t like it, have it made into one big red circle. I see a lot of those with traditional tats and they look great!

  29. I wouldn’t sweat it dude! It’s a badass piece and honestly I couldn’t really see it, had to watch video a couple of times to really catch it!

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