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  1. I’ve never had enough to drink to quench this thirst.

  2. So your putting up $525,000 total on what sounds like a second position lien holder. Your in an weak position and your money is not very well protected. In case of default the first position lie holder is the one that gets the property. If he defaults to you and you start foreclosure they will foreclose to protect their position. This is if they are using a commercial lending establishment.

  3. 200 people isn’t that much. That equates to 50 racks of dishes. That is a lower volume restaurant.


  5. Look for properties in other areas. IE. St Louis, Indianapolis, Memphis etc. I’m in St. Louis and you can buy for sub 100k that will rent for 1000 to 1200 a month. Even paying a property manager 10% you’re money ahead.

  6. That’s called living your best life

  7. I don’t care. We all have vices. Just cuz I don’t indulge doesn’t mean she can’t. Just like my cigarettes or cigars don’t do it in my house

  8. I get it. I have a blind friend that uses a third party app to use Reddit. From my understanding he will no longer use Reddit. There is always unintended consequences. I’ll be abstaining those days.

  9. I don’t understand why restaurants don’t keep a sparse hose and a rebuild kit. At a minimum call your chemical and get one. Most dish Chen companies carry them on their service vehicles.

  10. I get to tear out our kitchen in a couple weeks to lay hardwood floors. It’s the last area that I’m doing. Cabinets, appliances, and island have to come No out to rip the current flooring out. Gotta make the wife happy

  11. No doubt. Houses are always a never ending project.

  12. This all day. And your User name checks out.

  13. Fuck yes, there is nothing that taste better than wet vagina.

  14. It all depends on what your standard of living is. What everyone misses when they say in the 50’s or 60’s a family could live on one income and own a home and live comfortably, is that people today won’t live that lifestyle. A 900 sq ft 3 bed one bath home with low end Formica counters, plywood cabinets and a one car garage, most families had one vehicle, one small tv, and eating our was a rare luxury. So to answer your question a living wage is subjective to your standard of living.

  15. No I’m grabbing the ass cheeks with one hand while it jiggles and pulling the hair with the other. I’m not staring at the ass hole. I’m toI busy pounding into her to see it.


  17. Correction, woman who have sex with you will be having sex with a fat guy. Get it right next time.

  18. Do your worst, your parents did that when they made that 5 acre forehead.

  19. That’s what I had going last night. Fire in the pit, a bottle of McKenna 10 bib, under the gazebo watching my boys in red lose.

  20. Oh my gosh you're breaking my heart I'm so sorry. To be honest I can't win for losing on this subreddit. I thought one was blurry and then the next was less blurry and I get roasted.

  21. Don’t stress over these keyboard warriors. Not every steak has to be Japanese Waygu or a prime filet. People should be allowed to eat whatever the hell they want, wherever they want to eat it.

  22. I personally think it was one of the best deals I can get going out to eat. For the price. But I tend to tip up to 90%, so double that price but hey I'm happy if I'm happy that's all that matters to me anyway. There's one server that gives me really good service and I I tip her to that extent. I'm feeling really giddy right now and I'm just really loving the fact that I can get a server that gives me good food great service doesn't tell me her name I don't care give me good food let me get out of there as quick as I want and I will tip generously I don't need to know your life story I don't need to know your name. That's just me and I realize everybody is not the same.

  23. Amen! Preach it sister. I have servers in my go to spots like that. Walk in and don’t even have to say anything and the drink of choice magically appears. Love great service and people that reward great service even more.


  25. Can you elaborate on "Local Lawyer's Media"? Is this a formal report? Thanks!

  26. It’s a newspaper for legal professionals. Where I am a subscription cost about $425 a year.

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