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  1. NTA. Red bottoms are a serious purchase even if they were a gift. How willing would she be to replace them with the exact pair if she scuffed them?

  2. Most retail stores won't process returns today or this weekend.

  3. I might be the minority but I think you should shave down to scruff and rock the 5 o'clock look. I think you'd look handsome, the beard is still giving me Amish vibes.

  4. I thought about sober October and look here it’s already halfway through November and I have barely missed a day on the booze. SMH.

  5. Honestly it's not too late to start! A 30 day period starting tomorrow to mid December would still do you good! Since we're off it we've managed to keep it minimal with multiple days in between. It's been really worth it. You should do it!

  6. Nah, I’ve got plans this weekend, and then a major restaurants/drinking focused holiday with friends between now and Xmas. Let’s talk in the new year. 🥂

  7. Lol well, I mean, try and take a few days off in there or that's a definitely a problem my friend

  8. 3k to run a home is on the low end. I would want to see where those investments are going and also the tax situation because if that investment comes back to you without having been in a TFSA or other tax free housing then the government will see it as income unless they specifically gift it to you.

  9. YTA. It's no wonder why you think you sister doesn't like kids when you seem to only ask her to come and interact with them when you're asking her to babysit.

  10. I am literally sitting on my plane at YYZ. Have been communicating with beachfun about my trip for 2 months now.

  11. How risky is it to be caught with that there? Part of me wants to but if it's a huge risk while on the resort idk if worth it. Also how reliable is it that it's just that and not laced with anything more potent?

  12. Treat it like any other time you're sick except without weed? Lots of fluids, rest, soup, rest. Don't smoke, that won't help.

  13. Goodness. I work in a terrible industry (automotive) known for their callousness and willingness to cut anyone quickly. My mom fell ill a few years ago and was in the ICU. I stayed with her for 3 days. I told my boss what was going on and although I could tell nearing the 3 day mark he was not pleased there was nothing malicious or "proof" required for my PAID time off work. They didn't even dock me. Could have just been my particular boss but I will never forget the thought in the back of my head about how important it was to be with her. When she woke from her medically induced coma she immediately commented on my missing work, the only response I had was I didn't care, being there with her was so so so much more important.

  14. YTA. All of the above stated changes are about her at her wedding. You know she has to go to it too right? Why does his preference ursurp his? Do you bow down to every will your SO has? Even when it's about your body?

  15. This database doesn't have wine listed for this resort, but here is what is on the liquor list I have (it isn't complete, obviously)

  16. I'm sure there are much more - this is just what they input. Some resorts have more complete lists that others :)

  17. Another tall golden! My guy is also super tall and leggy, he's roughly 85lb and we had him fixed at 14 months. Never grew out of his deer phase!

  18. Does your trot like a horse? Doc does and it is pretty funny to watch.

  19. Yes he does!!! He kicks his front paws like crazy we literally call him a mini horse.

  20. Wonderful!!! I'm honestly thinking I might just drop my tour appointment at LA fitness tomorrow and just go with Fit4Less.. a friend of mine says she goes and likes it, and it totally suits my budget lol! 7.99$ every two weeks is a steal! And if i ever feel like having access to their "black card" amenities, 11.99$ every two weeks isn't horrible either, but i dont see myself needing/wanting to use those specific amenities included in their "black card membership" 😜

  21. I don't think the black card is worth it unless you plan on tanning. And goodness, it's much better than LA Fitness or at least the one I used to go to in Mississauga. It's a large gym so if you feel like hiding or you want to stay away from people it isn't going to be an issue. Plus, if you friend goes maybe you guys can go together and it'll be even better 😌

  22. I appreciate your response so much, you have no idea! Because at first I was worried because sometimes generally cheaper options CAN be quality wise shittier as well.. but so far Fit4Less seems to be the go to for me to try! Thanks again, from one person with anxiety to another💪👍

  23. Absolutely! Also the location itself is pretty new so all the equipment is too! The only thing I've noticed they don't have is the big stair climber jobbies, they have the elliptical type ones but not the ones that are actual stairs.

  24. No masks was definitely a thing for me growing up and I'm a 90s kid too.

  25. No lol it was the paint colour of my first car, casablanca white haha

  26. When you consolidate into the primary how long will you be paying on the primary mortgage for? You are taking short-term unsecured debt and converting it into very long term debt that is secured by your home.

  27. We are only 2 years into our 25 year mortgage so when we renew in two years time we would be at 21 years. Our goal would be to have that 2nd mortgage cut in half by that time, so 30k principle. Honestly I really don't want to mess with our credit scores, my parents had such terrible issues while I was growing up due to poor credit and ours is decent. We would not be looking to pay the set payment on the 2nd mortgage we would absolutely want to accelerate it.

  28. My journey starts tomorrow - I've been smoking daily for 13 years and never really took a break. My lungs and my brain desperately need a break though. I am aiming for a month but maybe more if I can. Wish me Luck!

  29. I was in a similar boat to you, daily smoker from dawn to dusk for over 10 years. This is my longest break in about 7. Its been very refreshing and has absolutely allowed me to reevaluate the relationship I want to cultivate with weed as opposed to feeling like a slave to it. You can do it, stay strong!

  30. I made it and am going to continue! My new goal is to hit 4 months 20 days. Best of luck to everyone!

  31. Fwiw I think your posture alone in these photos tells us you feel more confident in the red! Go with it!

  32. Lol OP said 7k is too much, Stairhaus is gonna be more or around there for sure.

  33. You'll get it back but it'll be a few more months. Make sure you're working on separation anxiety and leaving your pup regularly even for small periods of time. My guy is 14 months now but at around the 6 month mark we were able to leave him for 4 hours unattended, now we have pushed it to 6 with very little issue. Make sure you exercise before you leave them for long periods and if you're gone for more than you think their bladder can handle hire a walker and be stress free.

  34. I was planning on trying to make a full gram cart last me the month, then take a pretty long t break. Any tips on making it last?

  35. True that. I think maybe doing it every other day could work? Just not smacking the shit out of it when I do do it

  36. When I smoked a vape it was way too easy, you hit it once or twice and then before you know it you're sucking on it like crazy. Definitely try to do it at least every other day and NOT multiple times a day.

  37. I’m on day 13 and my emotions are more regulated but the cravings are next level I didn’t even know it was possible to crave this hard and I’m honestly surprised I haven’t relapsed.

  38. Oh no! What are you doing to power through the cravings? Keeping busy? Exercise?

  39. Both of those things. But the biggest thing is learning about myself. You can progress towards knowing and respecting yourself and once you get a taste of that it’s WAY better than weed. But it means you have to say no to so many vices and do so much you don’t want to do.

  40. Ohh wanted this off Shein myself, I saw one of the girls in the reviews style it with a brown patterned mini skirt and thought it was super cute and good for work.

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