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  1. Wow that’s incredible. My great grandpa was sunk of the coast of Italy and we found his name on a memorial “wall of the missing” while on a family vacation there. It was so moving to see just the name so I can’t imagine how your family must feel seeing this image!

  2. The Room by Tommy Wiseau. Some bad movies are so bad they’re good. This movie is so bad it’s like a whole new art form. Every single element of the movie is as bad as it could be while still being recognizable as technically a movie. I heard a critic once describe it as “it’s like a movie made by an alien who has never seen a movie but has had movies described to him.”

  3. “How big does a mouse have to get before it turns into a rat?” My friend, those are entirely different species.

  4. By not trying to overcome it as much as be with it. Fear is a core emotion. It’s very useful and will come and go. Deep breathing is usually the best way in my experience to give it its due while also letting it pass.

  5. Creating alphabetical lists based on categories like “fruits,” or “famous actors’ names.”

  6. Tree kangaroos! Most people have never heard of them but they are absolutely adorable and incredibly rare. And yes, they are just what they sound like!

  7. That if you die with pets around they will probably eat you if you’re not found for a while. I learned that listening to an interview with two morticians a long time ago. They said dogs usually wait till you stop smelling like you, cats often don’t.

  8. For one that I haven’t seen yet: standing up and bashing the top of my head on something like an open cabinet door. For some reason that specific pain makes me see red.

  9. Does anyone know what that stuff he poured in with the laces was?

  10. Grosse Point Blank. It is my favorite movie of all time.

  11. “You alright?” “No I’m not alright! I’m hurt. I’m pissed…I gotta find a new job.”

  12. Echoes Biden being a sleepy senile old man while also running a Satanist cult mandating woke radical crt agenda.

  13. I believe this exact thing is one of Umberto Eco’s traits of fascism, that the perceived enemy is a contradictory combination of weak and stupid AND somehow also genius and overpowering.

  14. Homeopathy’s own explanation for how it works makes no sense. If vanishingly small traces of beneficial substances can improve health, wouldn’t the tiny traces of thousands of toxins kill us?

  15. Yes! Also another argument that’s always bothered me that often people who defend homeopathy is that it’s some sort of “stick it to the man” action against Big Pharma. “You don’t need chemo, that’s just what Big Pharma wants you to believe. Just take this oil.” Just because some big evil company is ripping you off with their drug prices doesn’t mean their drugs don’t actually work, it just means the company is evil. Those are separate issues. And if some extract worked even a tenth as well as an expensive prescription drug, don’t you think Big Pharma would be all over that? What company wants to spend millions developing and manufacturing expensive and complicated chemical compounds, paying chemists and up keeping labs and adhering to regulatory standards if they could just extract an oil from a plant for much cheaper, get the same patient results, and still sell it at a huge markup?

  16. This is actually a pretty small one but I always loved it in No Country for Old Men when Anton Chigurgh tries to bully that receptionist at the motel into giving him Llewelyn’s info and she tells him off super sassily because she has no idea who he is. “We can’t give out no information!”

  17. I don't like the smell, the taste, the feeling, or the hangover.

  18. This is my answer too! I don’t like most alcohol cause I think it tastes bad and I never bothered to acquire the taste when I realized quickly that I don’t like the feeling of being buzzed or drunk at all. That plus the fact that the few drinks I do like are super expensive and I’m cheap (and broke) as hell results in me having a couple drinks a year maybe.

  19. When I'm driving and chilling at a no right on red sign it's a coin toss as to whether the dumbass behind me starts honking at me to go. No you illiterate bumpkin, I'm sitting here until the light turns green.

  20. Yeah there’s a No Turn on Red sign near my place. I’d say 90% of drivers ignore it.

  21. I wrote my masters thesis on this. The most wild thing about it imo is that nobody would’ve known who was financing the plot if the subcommittee didn’t accidentally give a journalist an unredacted copy of Butler’s testimony

  22. Would you ever care to share your thesis?? It’s totally okay if not, I’ve just never even heard of this event!

  23. Thank you for the ID! The moment I saw that critter I was like that…doesn’t look like the animal from my trash can.

  24. I’m super late to the party here but I don’t see this one: do not ever take Tylenol with alcohol. Like I wait 10 hours or more between them. My mom is a doctor and one of the saddest cases she said she ever took care of was a totally healthy, young guy who broke his ankle hiking, took the max dose of Tylenol, and when that didn’t help the pain enough, he got wasted. Died of liver failure two weeks later.

  25. Last year my son was attending a school in a smaller conservative town, and he developed a good relationship with a black teacher’s assistant who was working on his education degree at the university. The guy ended up leaving mid way through and confided in my son that a big part of the reason was that he couldn’t take the racist remarks from many of the kids.

  26. I had a Black coworker who moved away from the state because they couldn’t handle the racism anymore.

  27. A Black health care worker was coming in to Billings during the height of the pandemic to work here for a few months. He was stopped by the Billings police because he looked like another wanted man. He called my daughter who was scheduling workers to say he'd be delayed. A full day later he was released. He put Billings in his rear view mirror and noped himself back to his home state immediately. Called my daughter and said he'd never set foot in Montana again.

  28. That’s so depressing. It’s so frustrating how many stories there are like that in MT (and in this comment section) and how vehemently people still rely on the argument of “well we still don’t have a racism problem because there aren’t Nazi flags hanging where I can see them.”

  29. Being physically affectionate with your friends. My partner and her gal pals cuddle all the time, sleep in the same bed, hold hands. I have women friends who peck each other on the lips as a hello. I don’t necessarily want/need to do this with my guy friends but it definitely would get a lot of unwelcome attention and murmuring if I did.

  30. This isn’t as big as some of the ones pointed out here but I recently watched Wind River and I could not believe the complete inability of a large group of LE and FBI personnel supposedly led by a professional hunter, to follow glaringly obvious tracks in the snow leading to a body. They’re like, “where did she come from??” Oh I dunno, how bout WHEREVER THOSE TRACKS ARE LEADING?” I almost shut it off it was so distracting.

  31. You know management means business when they write in highlighter! Lol

  32. The Exorcist, the original version, couldn't sleep for 3 days.

  33. That goddamn angiography scene just about made me hurl.

  34. Silence of the Lambs. The fact that it feels like it could happen in addition to the overall gruesome nature of the crimes depicted just creates one hell of a terrifying experience.

  35. I eat too much sugar. I’ve tried to cut down but I haven’t yet found a strategy that I’m able to sustain. I’ve been tested for diabetes and I’m in the clear but my doctor basically said “for now.”

  36. Yup. Without context, all this person is to me is interesting.

  37. This isn’t your main point but I also hate it when people say “you have too much time on your hands” too. I showed my coworkers a project I was working on for fun and most of them loved it but one said that phrase and I was holding myself back from saying “well what would you prefer I do with with my free time?”

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