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  1. maybe reddit has some different systems but i'm trading on discord and u can literally get sptw waifu with 1 lucky

  2. No the sistem is same. Cursed aero and dragon bb costs 3 lucky because they limited(as i heard dragon bb costs 4) also the waifu v2 costs 2 lucky for some reason

  3. i've literally traded 2 luckies for a digital in the past. Maybe u use a different tier list in which cursed aero is higher but on discord noone would even offer u 1 lucky for cursed. At least on the discord server i use

  4. Ask anyone on discord because cursed aero costs 3 lucky

  5. I think road roller is fine but the hitbox... You literally can't land it without block breaking/perfect blocking your opponent(even then it's not working every time)so the best way to land a road roller is freeze counter

  6. They just need to turn road roller into a dash move instead of a still move, so when you use it, you can aim it towards someone and then use the move, and you’ll dash towards them and land the road roller move. This can make the move viable and yet still keep it good.

  7. If they ain't adding big slappy then it's an L update

  8. While uzu nerfing scr he forgor about base sc. Im sick of this infinity combos

  9. Really needs a rework, this stand barely have any combos and only relying on poison damage. I can't say he's not fun to fight with, but surprisingly causing more lags than kq(because of bulb breaking punch)

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