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Succession - 4x10 "With Open Eyes" - Post Episode Discussion

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  1. Such a shame because it’s a beautiful tiara that was rarely worn before and won’t be likely to be worn by anyone else soon because of its association with her.

  2. I have so many questions about this lol. Who were they?! Were they aware of all the others he was sleeping with? (if so, ew)

  3. Bouder and Veyette suddenly ended their partnership shortly after the divorce and haven’t danced together for several years. I always wondered whether it was because of some loyalty on her part to Fairchild.

  4. So unexpected, for me at least. I've been following her career since her SAB days (because of her being featured on Teen Vogue) and these past few seasons she got a lot of soloist opportunities that I wasn't expecting her to retire this early. What I don't get is why some corps dancers get farewelled from the nycballet Instagram account and some doesn't: why Fahoury did but Huttenbach and Mimi didn't? Kinda unfair isn't it?

  5. They’ve just posted an interview on their YouTube channel; they mention her retirement in the caption:

  6. Just always see gowns and tuxedos on movies where people go to the opera🙂

  7. If you wear that and it’s not a gala night you will look like a noob. But you probably won’t be alone.

  8. Yes, the sheer hate she’s getting is really mind-blowing. And she was right! Kendall wouldn’t be good at it. Tom isn’t a good person but he’s a competent executive who isn’t a mentally unstable coke addict.

  9. Yeah I mean, I would have known because I know you can’t go on field trips during jury duty lol

  10. You absolutely can and do depending on the case and evidence that needs to be presented.

  11. I think that is probably what saved him in the end. Under no circumstances would Tom have saved Greg if he'd actually backstabbed him with intention.

  12. Greg is Tom’s real SO, he wouldn’t have been able to let him go. He doesn’t have a real relationship with anyone else, not even Shiv

  13. I think the writers knew fans would riot if those two weren’t together at the end

  14. I'm confused by the notarization fuck up. Did the lawyer get a false notarization from earlier? Why would they even want to do that? Do affidavits attached to pleadings need to be notarized in SDNY?

  15. The first response (where the fake cases were attached) was by the lawyer who had been signing everything, and the second lawyer (who was the fuck up) notarized the affidavit — except the date said January instead of April. That would normally be put down to bad proofreading, but the judge was obviously so angry he’s adding that issue.

  16. The best part is that the attorney (the one who wrote, not the one who submitted) has been practicing for 25 years!

  17. Until you find his Linkedin and realize it is very very real.

  18. Are you sure that’s him? I’ve found a dude in New Jersey with the same name who’s hiring

  19. I can’t go because we are in my parents house technically. It’s a duplex that they own and live next door. If anything he has to go but he won’t 😭

  20. OP please don’t do a “self help” eviction like commenters below are suggesting. You need to evict him through a formal process. He very likely has tenants rights even if he’s not on a formal lease and you can get in trouble if you just throw him out.

  21. I saw it. I was going to post a review here but I’m still wrapping my thoughts around it.

  22. Literally anyone else who grabbed an NYPD cop would be on the ground in cuffs within seconds. Especially if they were a person of color. The privilege and entitlement these people have.

  23. To be fair, he’s openly stated that he did nothing when his wife was suicidal and begging for help, even though he was connected with a huge mental health campaign at the time and definitely had connections. I was shocked when sugars didn’t turn on him then.

  24. For every case you have, get copies of that court’s local rules and the judge’s individual rules, and consult them every time you want to do something. They all have their own crazy rules that can get your filings bounced back because you didn’t follow them correctly.

  25. Intermission thoughts: Erin Morley as host looks absolutely gorgeous in that Eurydice-ish raspberry colored dress.

  26. I thought the way the duel was handled was effective because it established that this Giovanni was evil, not morally ambiguous like in many other productions. But usually I do think guns are kind of a lazy choice — you don’t have any real fight choreography and it seems dated, like staging that might have been innovative 30 or 40 years ago.

  27. This is a great rundown, I really appreciate your observations!

  28. I saw this a couple weeks ago and actually loved the dinner scene, for some reason the way Mattei played with and threw around the food added to how menacing the character was.

  29. “Near catastrophic” means it wasn’t catastrophic which means…nothing bad happened??

  30. “Multiple near collisions” — so in other words they took a drive in NYC

  31. The night before the security decision is supposed to come out? Ok

  32. Look at her bunions! Her feet must be in agony all the time.

  33. I actually feel sorry for her about this.

  34. FYI CashApp Taxes is completely free— it used to be Credit Karma taxes. Annoying platform though.

  35. The taxes part was separated from that deal and sold to Cash App instead.

  36. the dress doesn't help her figure. she's got such a boxy figure. she looks pretty in the face tho if she'd get rid of the creepy smile.

  37. Yeah, she needs an a-line or something — she dresses as if she’s taller and curvier than she really is. I actually don’t mind the dress itself, it’s just not that flattering for her body type.

  38. It's about time. FDR threatened to pack the court and guess what, things got done.

  39. Because Willis van Devanter agreed to resign and Roosevelt was able to replace him with Hugo Black — meaning that Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation had a better chance of survival. I really doubt any of the conservatives on this Court would be willing to fall on their sword like that.

  40. If he’s ever winning an argument you can just strike everything he’s said from the record and order a directed verdict

  41. "Well it turns out the masturbation video is the second most embarrassing thing on the internet"

  42. That’s not normal. My guess is that your school is trying to boost their employment stats as a lot of firms will specify that they want one or the other, although I’m not sure how much a difference it actually makes.

  43. Grand Tier Row A is the best spot in the house IMHO. Perfect ratio of sound vs optics. I disagree with the person who said the orchestra has the best sound — depending on where you’re sitting parts of the orchestra can overwhelm others and even the singers. I also find leaving your seat during intermission and at the end of the opera in the orchestra takes a lot longer and can get a little stressful.

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