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  1. And what if it's beyond looking? For example, interactions even if they're not reciprocated? For example, paying to see a local cam girl (even if they don't know the person)?

  2. Paying for porn isn't meaningfully different from watching free porn IMO unless it's causing financial problems for the two of you. The cam performer is just doing their job, same as porn performers are.

  3. lol. Trying to control someone else’s solo sex life without their express consent to do so is toxic and controlling. Not something I’m interested in doing and not something I tolerate having done to me.

  4. How much lube were you using and how much warm-up did you do beforehand with fingers and/or smaller toys? Sounds like you need WAY more of both. Anal should never hurt; if it does, you’re doing it wrong and need to stop or go back to the previous step.

  5. And i have no idea how to make her squirt like im sure she hasn’t squirted herself cause she has no idea of how its done

  6. Not all women can squirt and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with women who can’t. Squirting is not synonymous with orgasm.

  7. So basically she has orgasmed when i have fingered her or gone down on her but never with penetration

  8. Why are you saying she hasn’t orgasmed during sex when, by your own admission, she has?

  9. I can’t believe how many men are so stressed out about not lasting during PIV when the majority of women don’t even get off from PIV. You have hands and a mouth, presumably.

  10. …why in the hell would I punish someone for the fact that someone else raped them? That’s unhinged.

  11. I’m very open about that stuff, when it’s relevant.

  12. Since I'm a woman, I've been told that by cultural influences and people around me my entire life. I've never not known that that's what people think about women who age.

  13. I guess we just call thing differently then, my dildos all vibrate, I call anything phalus shaped a dildo

  14. The word "dildo" usually refers to a non-vibrating penetrative object, although some of them have a bullet vibrator optionally embedded in the base or somesuch which makes them vibrate. There is a differentiation between dildos and penetrative vibrators, which are toys where the mechanics are integrated into the toy.

  15. Because clit stimulation is how the majority of women masturbate and reach orgasm, for the same reason that penis stimulation is how the majority of men masturbate and reach orgasm.

  16. Women are individual human beings with individual personalities and preferences.

  17. Neither of us is allowed to be in more than two romantic relationships at once and we keep each other notified of any changes in our other relationships.

  18. A lot of men use WAYYYYY too much tongue when they kiss.

  19. I don’t know. It’s not something I need to know, but it’s also not something we’re secretive about at all. It’s just such a normal thing to do that I don’t think about it much.

  20. I only get G-spot discomfort if I’m not sufficiently turned on. I have to be VERY turned on for G-spot stimulation to feel good, and even then, it has to start gradually and gently.

  21. I’m not sure I agree with this. I used to think of myself as 100% straight. Now I’m not so sure. I am not attracted to men at all, but I am turned on by dicks. I have no interest in a guy’s body, but I will suck a dick regardless of who it is attached to. I would prefer a trans woman if I had to choose… but that’s just me As far as attraction goes, I want to be in a relationship with a woman. Maybe I have some deep seeded homophobia that I’m working through, but I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s like anything else- we all have different tastes in body types and such. It may be that I somehow fetishize cocks because I was raised that it is a taboo thing to want… But that’s all just my 2 cents

  22. Still, regardless of everything you’ve just said, penises aren’t just a male thing because sex isn’t the same thing as gender. Trans women are women.

  23. You would fit right in amongst the hypnokink community!

  24. You probably have a foot fetish, which is one of the most common body part-related fetishes.

  25. I had read at one time that water based was recommended because it didn't have glycerin. Just wanted to share my surprise in hopes to educate others. :)

  26. Glycerin is a very common ingredient in water-based lubes, it’s just not great for vaginal use because it can cause yeast infections.

  27. I was 25 and was freelancing and bringing in enough income to cover about 2-3x my rent each month.

  28. Very important. I would not feel like I was on the same page with someone about the seriousness of our relationship if they didn’t remember basic things like this, especially since it’s so easy to input those things into your calendar so you don’t even have to remember them.

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