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  1. I had 3 pieces from the bag lol and it seemed like there was some butter brushed on them. I can find a calorie count for the whole thing but nothing for how many per pretzel-bite. Any ideas?


  3. Your immediate instinct is right I'm afraid. We're at a heightened risk of cardiac arrest/heart failure basically at any moment

  4. Right now? Digestive issues mostly, and generally dysfunctional hunger cues after doing this shit for 10 years

  5. I’ve only suffered minor health problems like bad circulation, hair loss, shortness of breath, bad vision, muscle/bone pain, chronic back pain, etc. but I’m not sure if it’s tied to my ED or not.

  6. 'only' giiiirl that's a whole hell of a lot! And yes those are attributed to your ed. Also the bone pain could signal early onset osteoporosis and arthritis

  7. It's just a coincidence because ed-dar was used back in 2010 as well when I was first developed anorexia

  8. Also I don't know why you were so aggressive in your post.. Everything is recycled on the internet

  9. It's location based. My store is doing Thanksgiving and Christmas as workers only tip days, my old store split on thanksgiving

  10. I no longer have a treatment team. I went from residential to PHP and skipped IOP altogether.

  11. No, it'll never be enough. This is a terrible idea and is going to lead to more issues :(

  12. That's my favorite Amy's meal! They don't list the individual components though so no one can be too sure. If you're really desperate to find out I'd suggest emailing them

  13. Whoa.. I didn't know this was a thing but I definitely hear stuff periodically when I'm trying to sleep. It's super recent but didn't think it would be attributed to my ED. I looked it up and EXTREME HUNGER IS LISTED AS A SCIENTIFIC CAUSE OMFG.

  14. It's called a Hypnagogic Hallucination. It's actually a common symptoms if narcolepsy FYI. I often have them as a radio playing In the other room but I can't figure out the song. Or people having a conversation in another room...ect. It's very annoying. If you have any other sleep disturbances or chronic fatigue ide recommend asking your doc about it next time you see them.

  15. For me it definitely sounds like someone is talking but it's not an actual language. Like radio static and mumbles

  16. Since you posted this in several eating disorder subs, I don't think you should worry. You're most likely UW and suffering from extreme hunger due to restriction. You won't gain weight from one day of overeating.

  17. There's no 'validitity' of an ED. If you have an ED, you have an ED. You're human, not twitter

  18. Depends on the weight. And how it was cooked. Butternut squash is 45 cal per 100g.

  19. Yes, because while recovering from an illness, your cells have to reproduce and multiply and your blood production increases, as does your internal temperature. All of these processes cause an increase in metabolism as you need to fuel the cellular multiplication and fight those bacteria!! All mammals have an increase in metabolism when ill. So definitely listen to that hunger or you'll stay sicker longer.

  20. You just described extreme hunger, not a binge. I have AN as well and there are times I'm so unbelievably hungry I eat a very large amount of high volume, low cal foods just to fill me up. It fills me with so much guilt but when I look at it from an outside perspective, I know it's because I'm physically starving and malnourished.

  21. Negligible for the veg, at least 300 for the rice, and that's a whole lot of hummus which is usually 70 cals per serving. So that's probably 300-400 hummus cals

  22. Jfc yes. I have so much food I'm too scared to eat now that I 'may be able to have in the future' and safe foods (I literally have 40 shirataki noodle packs and plan to buy more) I legit don't think I'm going to live long enough to even eat all the food I have.

  23. NO SAME. i have a ridiculous amount of things i bought thinking maybe i’d eat it but rarely end up eating it. i have entire cabinets, drawers, and bins filled with food i told myself i’d eat

  24. ME TOO. I won't be scared of this one day! I tell myself for 2 years.

  25. Fleece lined leggings under fleece lined sweats, 2 socks, fleece lined heat tech LS top under thick sweater under bubble coat. Hate with ear covers, face mask, gloves.

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