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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Catapults Past $1B At Worldwide Box Office

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  1. Why sad? I don't think anyone watches or skips movies based on director's gender. It's just they didn't make movie pleasing to the masses.

  2. Filmmakers are placed in the order in which their film crossed the $1B mark (first $1B film if they have multiple).

  3. The irony of someone who posts a lot about Zack Snyder saying this...

  4. Misleading since Korea was a brand new opening and made up a third of this.

  5. I believe it's -26% from last weekend counting holdover markets only (Top Gun: Maverick made $39.7M overseas last weekend).

  6. I don’t get the “bad WOM” argument. The drops have been in the 50’s so far which doesn’t indicate bad WOM at all. You want bad WOM drops look at Dr Strange 2 or Lightyear. In fact, Dune had bigger drops than JWD and this place sucks off Dune every time it’s brought up.

  7. I keep seeing people mention Juneteenth here. Legitimately asking. Is that a significant box office holiday? Or are we just assuming the potential 3day weekend automatically translates?

  8. It's unclear, since this is literally the first year it's happened.

  9. Batman v Superman's legs were so historically bad that it has its own color code lmao.

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