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  1. I was just getting ready to say this. I live on the east coast and for a family of her size, 1.4 mil sounds realistic and manageable for them.

  2. Does your psych prescribe you controlled substances? If not, they wouldn't know. Dr smith doesn't usually request that

  3. After about 20 sessions, I processed a lot of guilt and shame I had about being raped as a teenager and not being able to get him arrested and the justice I needed. I saw things so differently, had the empathy I have for other people for myself, which I've never had.

  4. The injustice and resulting self-dismisssal and perfectionism really resonate with me. I feel a lot of sadness for you and what you've gone through, but a lot of hope from your share that you see a path forward.

  5. Thank you so much, you too. It's amazing how we can torture ourselves and ketamine truly does rewire those pathways so you can change the constant negativity and anxiety.

  6. I do at home ketamine lozenge therapy and for a few hours, my pain score is so much lower than usual that I can do some more yoga/stretching etc that I normally could not do, so I do my best to do that when I can and keep my body limber.

  7. Im going to suggest you take a look at something called DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) and then discuss it with your doctor. It got a bad rap back in the early 80s as a BS cancer cure. Its supposed to be pretty effective for bladder pain like Interstitial Cystitis. There's a couple types, you obviously want the pharmaceutical version (I swear I saw it at Walmart the other day) and dont get in too much of a twist about it being classified as an organic solvent, if you ever used a medication patch, it probably had DMSO in it. It will give you garlic breath, but thats not much of a price to get rid of bladder pain. Please though, do your research and talk it over with your medical team before you run down to Wally-world and grab a bottle.

  8. DMSO is awesome stuff!! My vet prescribed it to my cockatoo who had swelling and that stuff is magic.

  9. Love their steak strips!!! It's what sets them apart from other meal kits, and that you can double up proteins.

  10. I know some telemedicine doctors on here start at age 16, and I'd imagine a psychiatrist would be able to prescribe ketamine to any patient so it's definitely a viable option to look into.

  11. Yikes sounds like it, or some creepy kids cult or something. It's crazy how many of these stories we hear where parents don't believe or do much about things like this.

  12. Believe me, I’m glad I did!! I was a firm believer in following gut feelings before and that experience only solidified it for me!


  14. She and 4 or so other housewives appeared over a month or two at a little "playhouse" which does community theater. It was like a super low level meet and greet that I couldn't convince my husband to go and didn’t want to go alone.

  15. haha oh no way! who else was in attendance? that almost sounds like an ideal way to meet one, or four of them tbh! less people there to feel embarrassed before also🤠🫠!

  16. Couple different days with different girls, Marysol was at one, Meredith marks and Jill zarin.

  17. Aren't you still wasting part of the garlic with a microplane, though? How do you get the end grated without grating your fingers?

  18. From what I understand, the point system and the overall vibe of the program have changed since then. My dr recommended it based on some medical issues I have going on.

  19. Your heart rate goes up with ketamine, which probably tricked your brain into thinking it was anxiety, that can go hand in hand.

  20. I don't know if insurance will cover this, does yours normally?

  21. Yes, that's what you would do. Only insert the syringe 1" in, any further and it goes into the colon and releases slowly throughout the next few hours and isn't as effective.

  22. And it seems sitting down or standing up while injecting is most effective. Can I lay down after injection? And how is it disposed afterwards, does it just fall out next time one goes to the restroom? Any other tips you may have would be appreciated.

  23. I'd lay down, leave it in 30 seconds and slowly remove it and toss it. It's way less traumatic than you imagine!

  24. This is absolutely amazing, keep up the great work, you are doing everything right and fighting the good fight and deserve peace and happiness!! ❤️

  25. One of the places I volunteer with is a group that advocates for chronic pain sufferers and the stories of how dirty the DEA did them with taking away their access to opioids is enraging. I have no idea how I would have made it through multiple hip surgeries and the chronic pain from it without Norco.

  26. Thank you so much for the work you do. As a chronic pain sufferer, I cannot even begin to explain how horrific we are treated.


  28. They've forgotten one of my meals in each of the last 2 boxes!!

  29. She married a devout Muslim and currently living in Egypt, she even admitted that she told him she was going to wear hijab and she did. Shes not a woman of her words and now playing victim.

  30. It also makes it very difficult to identify people in case of crimes etc. It should be banned in the west imo

  31. I was on Ross's side forever until this situation happened to me. If you're still madly in love with your SO and want to work it out, you don't go fuck someone else immediately.

  32. Exactly!!! They were missing the whole point. The break part wasn't what's the past history and the respect you should have for the relationship.

  33. I've been struggling with this for years, and since I turned 30 things have just gone down hill. Everything hurts.

  34. Ask your dr about ketamine for depression. It can also help pain. Joyous is an online dr that can prescribe it at home too. Added benefit is it can often help pain too. It's helped me tremendously but it's real benefit is for depression

  35. Partners are there for a reason- to help shoulder the burden. I think you need to talk to her. Can you do any telemedicine appointments instead? What kind of drs do you need?

  36. I have chicken gyros on this weeks menu, they are always solid choices. I'll probably make some rice, good idea

  37. Trader Joe's umami powder is the best thing I've ever discovered!

  38. Almost any dr can prescribe an at home ketamine troche. Psychiatrists, pain doctors, even primary care. If they have a DEA number, they can prescribe it. Whether they WILL or not is another story.

  39. It's helped me a lot, for 2 hours my 8/10 pain is a ZERO!! It's unbelievable and really helps me start the day with a good attitude.

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