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  1. Imo I think a lot of people feel like because this is a show the normal rules of relationships don’t apply. I guess to an extent it’s true but it’s like justifying something on a technicality.

  2. My assumption is she says soemthing to the effect of “I need to talk to him and clear this feeling up or I won’t see his family”

  3. Toxic coworker update: this girl fully just lied to our leadership about a conversation we had. I asked her to help with something and told her I’d loop her into the work stream once a few things were finalized and today she joined our call and says that I never spoke to her on it. I have got the messages to prove that is not the case.

  4. This is a great suggestion. I think I’m going to make email my main way to speak with her so I know we have a paper trail

  5. What’s the dumbest/funniest reason you ended things with a potential or vise versa? I’ll go first lol:

  6. The last guy I ended it with was following like 200 girls (ig model types) on Instagram, none of which followed him back. Total ick. If he followed one or two like whatever but man this was just alarming.

  7. I’d want to know if the person I was getting engaged to slept w someone else a few days, for sure. I think Zach felt that too that he couldn’t get engaged having the other woman not know this and in the bachelor world it’s hard to find a good time and place for the convo.

  8. She’s been one of my faves but the way she has been sexualized to an extent that I have never seen on this show is so beyond me, I hope she gets better treatment on paradise

  9. I’ve heard this a lot recently that if you make dua for something it’s because God guides you to make dua for that but is that the case? Especially in the case of a specific person like how do I know if it’s just me or if it’s God guiding me to make dua for them

  10. Just make the dua. He will either give it to you or give you even better. No losses, alhamdulillah

  11. I don’t want to keep praying for someone that isn’t meant for me though but alas I cannot get him out of my head

  12. I mean, unsurprising. It seemed like they very obviously were doing this for clout (who else posts on socials from a first date)

  13. The way none of these men could throw a suit jacket on

  14. What are some non-obvious hobbies/interests that you see as a red flag? For me if they describe themself as a shopaholic, like astrology, or watch reality TV I think they are likely to be shallow or materialistic.

  15. Imo I think we’re too quick to label interests as red flags. Just because someone likes something it doesn’t mean there’s some deeper thing there

  16. I think I’m losing it. So mentioned previously but there was a guy I saw potential with, was a bit hung up on him. I recently unfollowed him so I can just be done and move on. The issue is, he literally lives rent free in my dreams. Like I don’t think of him day to day but every night I go to sleep and this man pops into my dreams and it’s always that we get to know each other again.

  17. I actually think they’re one of the most authentic couples that has come out of the show in a while, imo maybe since camila and jamie

  18. It’s interesting to me how much things have changed with this. Like other leads slept w people and it was no biggie. Rachel I believe has admitted it, Hannah Brown, Ben H and Chris are speculated to have. It seems like the last couple seasons this has really become an issue (understandably) but it’s surprising to me

  19. Lol, Hannah more than speculated to have had sex. She had sex in a windmill! Big plot point in her season!

  20. Bad punctuation on my end lol i meant Ben H and Chris are speculated to have :)

  21. I wish the night one girlies were not invited I’m sorry but they do too much

  22. An update from yesterday’s post on the man leaving me on read after sliding in my dms, he ghosted me lmao

  23. It’s a cute name but wow her friend leaking this😬

  24. So this one guy has slid into my dms like three times before (but this was a couple years back). I just stumbled across it again and was like oh he’s cute so I added him on ig and he slid back in the dms and liked my recent pic. My assumption is that he’s interesting but he keeps opening my dms and not responding?? Am I overthinking it? To me this is kinda weird and I don’t like it but is that just me

  25. See I feel like I did know and then he started leaving me on read and I was like ???? But I also take longer to respond than he does so maybe he’s just evening it out. Idk I’m not sure what to think

  26. Previously mentioned but I have a coworker that is trying to undercut me and take my responsibilities. I’m leading this project. This other girl (god knows why) pulled in the coworker that tries to undercut me to lead the thing I’ve been leading. I kinda let it happen (I’m leaving this job soon anyways but no one knows) though it did very much piss me off because this is my responsibility.

  27. Guys… my coworker just asked me to check out his ass to see if there is a rip in his pants. I don’t think this is okay and it made me comfortable. But I guess I should just brush it off? Am I overreacting?

  28. If you’re uncomfortable then that’s all you need to know. I don’t think it was necessarily ill intentioned but it’s very understandable to be uncomfy. If I were you, I’d jokingly direct him elsewhere and hope he got the hint like jokingly saying I don’t want to look there, find someone else to do it

  29. You’d think at a certain point they would start just vetting the people they cast better

  30. Either her or Ariel would’ve been great, very excited for her season

  31. Alright so say I just started talking to this guy (from an app) and he ghosted me for three days and then came back with no acknowledgment of disappearing for a few days. Red flag or nah?

  32. Update from my last post here, I finally unfollowed the one guy I’ve been hung up on. I guess I feel okay. The thing that still weighs on me is how I felt such a clear response to an istikhara that very much didn’t work out. I know dreams are unreliable but I had two back to back dreams that we would start talking again. Then still every time I prayed tahajjud or made heavy dua (not even for him but that I would meet someone) he’d pop into my dreams.

  33. I've been there. Sometimes what we feel like a "sign" from Allah is simply our own hopes/delusions. Just keep making du'a for Allah to remove these feelings from your heart.

  34. But how can we ever tell the difference? I mean I had this same dream every time I prayed about finding love. I guess I just struggle trying to make sense of how something can feel so much like a sign from God and then not work

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