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  1. I want to start a cube but idk how 😞 we get so so so many stickers

  2. My Wife will sometimes ask for drinks she finds on tiktok/pinterest. The Baristas find it so so helpful for me to just show them the recipe on my phone. The sheepish look on my face also clues them in that this isn't my idea and just want my irish cream.

  3. I absolutely adore when, even if you're ordering for someone else, you're nice. I don't know what it is, you don't know what it is, but we're gonna figure it out together. And you're not even gonna throw a temper tantrum.

  4. We straight up tell them they're not allowed to get thirds on a drink unless it has 3 shots for this exact reason.

  5. God I love that one. Why can't my face naturally have glowy moons??

  6. When I worked at my previous job, we had a regular with the same situation.

  7. I think the most confusing part is where it was commented that OP is a shift/keyholder. We don't have that information. The only info we have is that they're a barista from the tag on their name.

  8. Sorry your eyes are itchy but they’re gorgeous!!!

  9. Someone made fun of me for my tremor in my hand and my stutter 🫥

  10. Im sorry people are jerks. I also have a tremor due to my epilepsy and it sucks. As for my stutter, it only comes when my anxiety is high. So I get you.

  11. Mine isn't a typical stutter, and usually I try to barrel thru my sentences in spite of it but like. Choose one to make fun of me for, not both at the same time.

  12. I would cry if someone brought him into our store. So frickin adorable 😻

  13. You could order a triple (or however many shots) over ice, shaken, with your syrups and a splash of half and half. Since it's not a drink that comes with milk by default, you get just a splash and not charged.

  14. You're subbing the 2% for half n half, aka breve. So you're getting charged for it.

  15. Don't use quotations when you are putting words in my mouth, now you are just flat-out being a liar. Cause I never called fast food workers, lowly, you did that. You are just taking it personally now, and on the defense, so I'm walking away, you can't have a conversation. Ciao!

  16. I see projection is your best friend. Enjoy your holiday! XD

  17. Oh you're still here? Enjoy the holidays! Tip your customer service employees!

  18. “can i get a frappuccino?” “sure what kind” “i don’t know, whenever i ask they just make it” 😌 she wanted a sugar free vanilla latte

  19. i find it hard to believe nobody has ever asked her what she wanted, so the baristas are just throwing caution to the wind and playing a guessing surprise game with her frap? some customers man

  20. Sometimes they wander off after I tell them I'm in the process of making it, and we're too busy for me to play hide and seek, so I just put it at the hand-off counter and yell "black coffee, two creams 11 sugar"

  21. Honestly I ain’t even gonna complain. My store is the hub in my city every summer and I make 300+ Frappuccino everyday. I’ll settle with PSL or holiday hot drinks this season

  22. Fr. I'd rather make 14 iced caramel brulee than 4 caramel crunch.

  23. I just hand them the whole thing and tell them "it's gonna ask you a couple questions" I know it's just one but they pay attention if I say a couple.

  24. It's difficult to keep the drive times down with the new tipping system. We're trusting the custies to be quick and efficient?

  25. This is perfect, you are perfect, and I hope you find $20 on the ground this week.

  26. I didn't realize you were my doctor! I've had them diagnosed as migraines. They are migraines.

  27. Oh yeah I know the feeling! At least you look cute as ever!!!

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