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  1. Why isn't "these are wrestlers, and wrestlers never stop working" the IWC's default setting? How much longer do we have to do this?

  2. If I can't handle ITYSL at its worst, I don't deserve it at its best.

  3. "Mad Ave" is shorthand for Madeline Aveline. She is the woman Pete's mom was based on.

  4. KENTA could also break his face, for good measure.

  5. Two has more sketches that I won't watch, but the good ones are great. Three just pisses me off.

  6. Is season 3 good? I watched the previous episodes and some were hit and miss, but I laughed as hard as I ever have at the it opens both ways skit.

  7. Outside of a few on episode 3 (?), I have mostly hated this season. Too much voice/face stuff, and the gross-out stuff was just gratuitous. I like a good shit joke as much as anyone, as long as it makes me laugh .

  8. What other sites have you been trying? Please don't say voat...


  10. I bought this CD when it came out but not yet familiar with the albums that came after. Does anyone know why it’s not available on Spotify?

  11. She, or her label, has an issue with their payment scheme, or something like that.

  12. Then how come my dad told me that Stephen Colbert and David Letterman are leftists?

  13. It's very expensive where i live but instead i use aleppo soap for stuff and i am happy

  14. I have a large bottle of lavender that I spent $18 on, close to five years ago, and I'll still get probably another year or more out of what is left.

  15. I always wish I could be so perceptive, but it was beaten out of me at a young age.

  16. I thought Season Three was gonna be a hit. Turns out...

  17. Catching downvotes, probably because you didn't give.

  18. I don't think I'd ever find him likable. He's just a massive debate dork

  19. I may appreciate him a touch more once he's died, but only time will tell.

  20. Orange Cassidy, is so boring. I understand he found his lane. I gotta agree to disagree. No harm done.

  21. His "lane" is a probably unbroken six-month streak of great matches with a variety of opponents.

  22. I believe our body processed whole carbs from fruit or honey much differently than processed sugars or carbs. I agree with what this person says.

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