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  1. The US is too divided, too large and too anti-scientific for us to ever even hope to do that. No, it will run it's course through our population and thousands more unnecessary deaths will occur. It is very tiring trying to have pride in this country.

  2. Not saying you're wrong but the US is neither more divided nor larger---population-wise---than the EU.

  3. Well a decent 2 room would be 250 EUR, so if you're not working in IT there's no chance to do it by yourself, most people live with roommates, or couples if both partners are working, plus electricity and water bills. So if you are in an average salary most of it is gone the moment you receive it.

  4. I know someone who was recently in the market and bought an apartment in Sofia. Prices exceed 3000/m2 in the center.

  5. It's ok just remember to be friendly to the people working there and sometimes the waiting time is long depending on what day you go. One important rule is to check beforehand what documents you need. If you don't have them all together don`t even bother to go there. I have seen so many meltdowns from people who waited 1 or 1 1/2 hours in line just to be send away because something was missing.

  6. It's great. I was there twice, once for picking up my driver's license and another time to register a car. Both times it went very smooth, the staff was friendly and competent and the wait times weren't super long. The most common criticism I hear about it is that they are very slow to adapt things like online vehicle registration or cash-free payment, which I don't mind personally.

  7. The first movement of Mendelssohn’s Symphony no. 4 “Italian“

  8. Your body makes them. mRNAs are like blueprints. The vaccine will include blueprints that match the virus’s blueprints, which ensures that the proteins your body constructs are copies of the virus’s proteins.

  9. No, sorry for the confusion. The things that your body makes are the proteins, which are parts of the virus. The thing that’s injected (the mRNAs) are copied from the virus’s genetic code. Your body reads the injected mRNAs like a blueprint and then starts constructing viral proteins.

  10. Thanks again. So to make the thing that is injected (the mRNAs) you need to start with the virus, right?

  11. Well it’s human nature to blame someone for his own misfortune, but let’s be frank: The Soviet Union was inherently unsustainable, literally everything was wrong about the CCCP. Many people from soviet countries secretly loathed Russia, hence why today there is a deep distrust among Eastern European countries and Russia

  12. This is no defense of authoritarianism and/or dictatorship but if you look into it you'll find that he's one of the main reasons the USSR fell.

  13. How does the mRNA-1273 vaccine that Moderna is testing work (or is expected to)?

  14. I think there should be a different way to look at this. The EU has almost no power in matters like this. It serves mostly to coordinate, and it is bad at that. Maybe instead of talking about earning trust back, you have to flip the argument. We as Europeans need to take an interest in the EU as our right and reform it to something better.

  15. I too want to see the EU move in the direction you outlined. But I think the point about Italy is that individual member states could have and should have done more. They banned exports instead. I'm glad they're reversing course.

  16. I think the problem is because of a flaw in the EU's foundation. Politicians in member states are elected to represent their national interest first and mutual European interests are kind of background nice-to-haves.

  17. With you on this. But I think creating the perception that solidarity/brotherhood/unity takes a back seat in times of crisis won't help get us there.

  18. I fully agree with your points about the future. Can't find the link but I read that a minister of an EU country (France?) said that that is the task for the day after tomorrow (meaning after we've (hopefully) dealt with the pandemic).

  19. Локалното производство работи в максимален капацитет. Колко време ще трябва да чакаме европейските?

  20. The 24chasa article talks about a new order. And the PPE it says we are producing is gowns not masks or respirators.

  21. Не. Не това. А че докато чакат за първи потвърден случай се оказва че пациента е бил болен и сред лекари и медицински сестри и половината от тях са болни. После и да има слагаш маски кел файда.

  22. France and Germany have ongoing export bans (which extend to other member states) on protective gear.

  23. We haven't. Our doctors are running out of supplies and can't keep working without either. I know this because my dad is a doctor in Germany.

  24. Doctors are running out across the union. Both my parents are doctors. Smaller union members rely on manufacturing in the larger member states. Below are quotes from the Belgian and the Dutch health ministers.

  25. Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said German restrictions on the export of masks, gloves and suits could be revised if an overall EU ban was introduced on sales to non-EU states.

  26. Have there been cases of EU countries---all of whom are short on gear---reselling to non-EU states? Why would they?

  27. Make me sad more than anything. Why not coordinate this at the union level to make sure supplies get where they are most needed?

  28. Thank you. I think that's what I'll have to do. IKEA has a delivery and assembly service. That's why I expected they'd send people to pick up the chair.

  29. It has been stressful. I haven't signed the lease yet. If clauses like these, and the overall approach to renting as you mention, are not that uncommon, I'm starting to wonder if accepting them might not be the less stressful option.

  30. Let me ask you this question first: What kind of contract you signed? Did you and your landlord went to notary or not? And look at your contract once again,please. If you indeed went to notary and you have a clause in it which says exactly that your landlord has a permission or there is a requirement to visit his property- then yes, he/she can do it. If the contract was not made in front of notary, then it's pretty relative - he can do it but he has to have limits. Also one more question: did you paid insurance as a one month/month 1/2 additionally to your first month? If the answer is yes, then he has no right to do check ups on you as you paid this if something happens to his property. I hope my questions and info are useful. Just a law student here trying to help you with this stupid situation.🤷🏼‍♀️

  31. Thank you. Haven't signed the contract yet. A notary will not have been involved from what I understood. They asked for a month's rent as a tenancy/security deposit.

  32. It's a small matter, but it shows how Liz tends to bend the truth to make herself look better or more heroic. (My gosh, Liz rose to such a prominent position after growing up as daughter of a mere janitor!) Which is something that Bernie would NEVER do.

  33. Even more impressive was her rise considering her minority status as a native American who proudly carries on her people's traditions like special omelettes.

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