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  1. Do we think they would hire Cascina to play Dina? I would die if she was 💛

  2. They probably won't, seeing as Cascina is not an actress. They probably won't cast Shannon Woodward either, since she's quite a bit older than Dina. I'm interested to see who ends up playing her.

  3. I mean, while they certainly have released close to other big names, maybe even bigger, the series hasn't really suffered in popularity or sales, and is certainly becoming one of Sony's flagships.

  4. I don't know any food named Mohammed

  5. Put the I6 hybrid with the rotary range extender in a weird RX-/MX- fusion coupe/convertible that doesn't sell, you cowards!

  6. Aah yes, a car with two combustion engines and an electric motor is sure to be light, fun and efficient.

  7. The new Type R is basically a rebodied FK8, like the old Cadillac ATS and the current CT4

  8. The 992 is as much of a new platform as the FL5 Civic, just look at the greenhouse and compare it to the 991.

  9. Pinche puto Oxxo pa que cierras justo cuando se me acaban los datos hijo de tu puta madre wey

  10. Me when mw me eh me when you me when you're mom

  11. Lowbeer actor's facial expression control is incredible. They manage to respond to situations in just a millimeter of eyebrow or lip movement.

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