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  1. The exact same is happening to me! I'm in my 30s and really want a few close friendships, a genuine connection and to build my support network. ITS IMPOSSIBLE! A lot put in no effort to the convo or will respond w long messages but then ghost...or they just don't have why are you on a friendship app if you don't have time??

  2. Oh I guess yes the schedule c form is what I mean then.

  3. Your math seems incorrect. You probably did not pay 5500 in taxes on this income. You can't use last year's refund to figure this out. Last year was a totally different year. There are also free tax filing sites.

  4. I paid 3500$ on $8000 income, according to accountant. I was just speculating for when I do taxes next year since they pay me less, I'm not using any previous year for anything since I never tutored until this year. I'm just saying my income will be less than this year so it really makes me wonder if it's worth it.

  5. Looks like an an unpopular opinion but if it were my girl I’d let her go. We recently said goodbye to our 15 year old who had been sick for quite a while and it was heartbreaking but also insanely relieving. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

  6. Do you think even though she has no illness and still enjoys things, that it's truly time? Ik shez unhappy bc she has ocd... her brain is forcing her to lick to the point of self injury.

  7. Please do not put her down bc of Reddit. You will know when it is time. It’s not now. it needs to be your decision. if not ur going to have a lot of guilt/ resentment and what ifs.

  8. I def will not! It's not even close to dachshunds often live to be 16-18, and she only 13. Now that spring is almost here, i see her really enjoying walks at the park. I may never be able to stop her licking but as long as she loves to eat and drink, walk, begs 4 belly rubs and loooooves car rides.... then it just doesn't make sense! Yes she has to wear a cone a little too much but still.....

  9. Lol no it's not weird! That's how I wash my dog too! (36/f). I will sit on the floor of the shower and wash the dog first then let her air dry in the bathroom while I then shower. Like am I really gonna kneel down on an uncomfortable bathroom tile to bathe my dog?

  10. NTA. Your friend has serious commitment issues and sounds very toxic. I don't even know why she's asking you for your opinion when it's ultimately her decision who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Don't let her pressure you into meeting her bf (or any future bf's if she ditches the current one) until you're comfortable with meeting him.

  11. Thank you!! That's what I said...why do you need to know my opinion so badly...she said maybe I'll see something that she doesn't...but she's the one who needs to decide if she wants to be with this guy...not me.

  12. Pretty sure you already see something that she didn't, she's toxic and manipulative and the boyfriend should get out now while he has a chance.

  13. People change. And right now both of you are in different settings. She is looking one type of reality while you are doing it to, both see a different world ahead.

  14. Yes you are so right! That's what I've been thinking lately...we are on different life paths with different values/life goals. Right now all she focuses on is dating bc she is mesmerized by the idea of marriage and kids with a man who will follow her around the world...she's working on an opera career and thinks one day she will get gigs in she talks about how she'll only Dat e a wealthy man in case her career doesn't happen yet wants only men that can work remotely in case she does have to travel for work. Being divorced out of an abusive marriage, I'm a little surprised w how obsessed she is to remarry. But I shouldn't be surprised because she seems to place her happiness and self worth on having a man.

  15. Why do you say surgery " messes up quality of life significantly" ? That seems to be a declarative blanket statement whereas it's a very very small % of patients who end up with 'quality of life' issues

  16. Where is the science to back that up? I have heard and read that it can impact life so some doctors prefer AS unless it's an aggressive stage

  17. Where did I say it messes up quality of life for everyone??? All I said was it seems like most people are in a rush to get some type of treatment when it may not be necessary and that it can impact quality of life due to incontinence, ED etc. My dad has 1 core of 3+4, not 4+3 so while it is a 7, it's not the aggressive 7 of a 4+3. The 4 is in 5% of the tumor.

  18. Not great, in my opinion, but I'm a lava cake snob so take that for what it's worth.

  19. I'm late. but just tried one tonight. Microwaved w a scoop of vanilla ice cream and was disappointed. The chocolate taste had a weird taste. Stick to lava cakes at restaurants.

  20. that no matter how hard you try, people will always disappoint you and leave

  21. It's hard to do much of anything right now. I knew he wasn't going to be around much longer because he was very sick the last year or so of his life but it just didn't register in my mind since he'd been around forever- it seemed like he would just keep going forever... :(

  22. I’m sooo sorry. I just lost my orange boy last month too. Orange cats are seriously the best! It’s sooo clear you loved him and gave him the best life possible. Sending so many hugs

  23. Orange babies ARE the best! It's funny how most orange kitties are boys...mine was chunky most of his life too...I find that many orange cats are big! My baby was big (super long)! Thank you for your support!

  24. I literally just started at a new job and my co-workers who are strangers felt the need to put their christmas cards in my mailbox. The one co-worker I noticed also has the same family photo as her phone case. Wtf? The other card is just 2 kids- not my co-worker nor her partner. Why would I want an xmas card with 2 random kids?

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