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  1. Had to make haggis at our pub, the whole kitchen smelled like a urinal.

  2. I can't judge the rolling because I suck at that. How's that bourbon. Serious shit. Good for infusion.

  3. Bourbon was great, had a very unique finish that went perfectly with the bar.

  4. Whiskey was great, local store pick paired well with the leaf.

  5. It’s three year old bourbon with a stick to make it taste more like wood. Luckily you can dry it out and put it in a $12 bottle of Old Crow and enjoy that too.

  6. Good thing this one doesn’t taste like wood at all, sampled this next to a 14 year bull run store pick and that was straight up one note Oakwood with no complexity.

  7. Always thought these bottles where kinda gimmicky, but after a sample of this store pick it had to come home with me for $60. Very unique nose and finish. Big tobacco, and caramel apple notes. Wondering how the flavor will change over time.

  8. Pick this up a few months ago and I can’t stop my self from coming back for more. It does have a crazy funk on top of the nose but beneath it dark red fruits pop up. One of my favorites

  9. update: almost all bottles are unopened- the opened ones are the cheap guys. we have a good few that are $200-300 dollars. picture is blurry so hard to tell but all together 106 bottles. more of a collection than to drink lol

  10. Looks gorgeous! Glad you’re enjoying the collection! Careful about storing the boxed ones on their side

  11. Boxes are empty except for the bookers I store all my extra corks in there.

  12. You lucky MB. I rarely see any Lagavulin on my local shelves, except the Offerman edition lately. Laga 8 and 16 have been scarce for months now.

  13. Felt so nice scoring this from behind the counter, should have shot a slowmo of all the dust they cleaned off of it before bagging it up. Have yet to find and 8 years yet fingers crossed.

  14. Not sure yet opening with my grandfather this Christmas Eve.

  15. Brown paper bag on the right is blue note, possibly the uncut barrel proof.

  16. Damn straight it is! Well done, that was supposed to be the hardest one… Putting that with others who have identified correctly, cumulative 10 out of 12… question is will anyone string all twelve answers together and prevent me from having to take another picture?

  17. If I wasn’t at work I could spend time and format better just wondering if the bottle next to the willet In The back is a knob creek store pick

  18. Johnnie Green- it’s good and they are no longer producing it, so grab one

  19. What are you on about? Green is one of the core offerings.

  20. It was discontinued for a few years and they said they didn’t plan on bringing it back to North America. Locally, there has been supply chain issues getting Johnnie period. I have not heard otherwise.

  21. I heard it was discontinued awhile ago but I’m pretty sure it’s back, I can run and grab one whenever i want from the grocery store.

  22. I thought they only released 700ml bottles of the JD bonded series?

  23. Nope not here I can find the bigger ones all the time. The 700 is for over seas market I believe

  24. Alot of good things there, makers wood finish and that trio pack, redbreast 12 is a great price as well as rare breed rye

  25. I found a bunch for $13. It’s a small store ran by this nice Indian family, great selection and I saw they had an bunch of benchmark products. Asked how much the full proof was and miss heard the lady thinking she said $30. To my surprise when I ran my card the total came up to $13 and change.

  26. The same price they sell for in the stores on the bottom shelf.

  27. Was it an increase or a decrease? Can’t tell if this is a good or bad surprise. Second picture seems older.

  28. The second pic is recent just zoomed in.

  29. I would def grab one of those makers three packs.

  30. That's where the RR Sib Store pick and the New Riff Rye in the picture and the Arran 10 not pictured came from. Thanks - it really is a nice place and Tampa is a good area for alcohol purchases. That will be our secret .

  31. Oh bet did you go to the Tampa location near Westshore? If you did I’m sorry that one is so tiny, but I got my RR SIB and a Redbreast 12CS from.

  32. Dunedin. Since I'm not from the area if you place a web order that is the only one that allows pickups for web sales. It's also only a short drive from Universal Wine and Spirits so that works well for me.

  33. I hear that one is nice, another good place is b21 liquor. Their website is a bit funky but they have a great selection. They always have 1792 full proof store picks.

  34. I've been wanting to try the I believe 12 year thats only like $22 lol but maybe one day I'll try the 43.

  35. Can confirm CC12 is a great value Canadian whisky, I have been interested in that bear face whiskey that I keep getting adds for.

  36. What's the bear face whiskey? I really wanna try Caribou Crossing personally.

  37. Some gimmicky Canadian whisky aged in shipping containers out it the forest for 7 years. Priced around $30 so why not.

  38. They do finish it by blasting Metallica at it. I hear the master who made it was pretty good too. I rarely come across it but want a bottle for the collection eventually.

  39. I find it quite frequently around me even a cask strength and that willett edition (for crazy money) but never pulled the trigger.

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