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  1. I used to work in a restaurant in Gainesville that had a policy of, if they say it’s an emotional support animal, you gotta believe them. These people brought in a tiny dog that was obviously not any kind of certified or trained and I had to serve them. Every time I came to the table it would bark and growl at me, and they were even letting the little thing stand on the table… where people eat… it was so annoying. Especially when it came to clearing of the table and I was terrified it would bite a finger off lol.

  2. Ask your boss if they have options for you- back when I worked at Panera they let us buy off Shoes for Crews and took the money out of our paycheck so that we didn’t have to pay upfront

  3. This comment made tears come to my eyes… thank you so much stranger 🙏🏼

  4. This was so helpful… thank you

  5. Lots of speculations about what could be the cause of UC, and autoimmune disorders in general, but you should look into the environmental factors that contribute.

  6. Are you planting native varieties? You can attract them with native plants such as butterfly weed and purple coneflowers. Also, if your neighbors are spraying RoundUp or other pesticides, that could be killing then off.

  7. Yes - taking L glutamine regularly has eased this symptom. When it’s really bad I’ll drink an iced coffee so that it can flush me out lol

  8. Farmer's markets. You used to be able to go down and get fruit and vegetables cheaper than the grocery store. Now it seems like they charge 3x more than stores do.

  9. Because small farms are disappearing and in the US it’s nearly impossible to keep one running now. Plus the megafarm industry gets lots of subsidies to keep their prices cheap.

  10. Being able to rent your own place without roommates

  11. Have you ever been on infusion/biologics? Remicade helped me get my symptoms down and manageable in my first flare. It only took 2 doses for my symptoms to become vastly more manageable than before. Slight weight gain although i had already lost a lot of weight due to my flare

  12. An alternative for me has been matcha, but it doesn’t hit the same as an ice cold coffee/cold brew. Personally i found cold brew to be extra painful on its way out… a typical hot brewed coffee is much more tolerable. I go with a daily matcha and an iced oat latte as a treat on some days (on a full stomach only)!

  13. There are studies that have been brought up before that show weed smoking masks the problem and ends up making UC worse/worse outcomes over time.

  14. I don’t think the weed itself makes it worse but more the fact that it masks symptoms and allows people to go long stretches of times without meds. For me, I’m on medication and seeing my doc regularly, but medication alone is not cutting it… i need immediate symptom relief otherwise i feel as though I’ll be disabled

  15. What an insensitive thing to say. I’m so sorry he said that to you… good luck! Rest well afterwards. It’s not at all like having sex….. at least hopefully not LOL

  16. i hate the current trend of makeovers where the makeover is just making the room look as bland and personality-less as possible

  17. My UC came right after a messy breakup & my parents splitting up (which led to my dad kicking me and my mom out during the COVID pandemic). In general I was living an unhealthy lifestyle as a bartender- eating shitty bar food and working long and late hours. I think all of that combined, + not taking care of myself, led my body to develop UC as a way to force me to rest.

  18. Matcha green tea lattes are the way to go

  19. I wish my doctor spent time with me, explaining exactly what the disease was and pointing me to resources, rather than just setting me up with prednisone and lots of blood work and letting me go down the Google rabbit hole on my own.

  20. blood farts like wtf kind of hell scape were those invented in

  21. Iron was quite hard on my stomach, I went in for iron infusions.

  22. Seattle, WA, USA! And Portland, Oregon as well!

  23. Lmao so true. I go for a gin tonic or gin soda (can’t have the tonic if you’re on steroids) - and I’ll sip on that one drink all night… you don’t need to be drunk to have fun but it’s nice to participate and just enjoy the ambience :)

  24. Agreed! Also in general ulcerative colitis just sounds so gross and unappealing. Telling people that’s what i have just…is so embarrassing 😭

  25. I work at a casual family joint and make about $1500 a week. If you do your job well and pick a good location you can easily swing that.

  26. Sounds good. I'd also add potato cubes, unpeeled if I'm in a flare. Rice would work as well.

  27. Yup! I love eating this with some white or saffron rice

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