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  1. I just tie my hair up all the time now. Unfortunately safety comes first. I miss having my hair down.

  2. This is interesting - I feel like I have more problems with my hair up and getting snagged on the bun or ponytail. It’s either that or getting tangled in my hair. Ironically I grew my hair out for lower maintenance (less frequent haircuts and can pull it back out of my face easily), but then respirators really have me questioning it

  3. I have long hair, and love my moldex smart strap. I have also seen photos and videos of the Flo elastomeric with a halo strap on long hair, but I have not tried it myself.

  4. Thanks! The style of moldex strap is what I’m looking for! Whether my hair is up or down I always manage to get tangled or snagged with my mask

  5. I have a gripe and I bet you'll agree. The first three books would have been better if they weren't strict Feyre PoV. The first time her consciousness sheltered in Rhys's mind at the end of ACOTAR I was like whatever. Then in ACOWAR when she hung out in Rhys's mind during the confrontation with Hyburn on the ship. THEN when the cauldron yanked Feyre's consciousness out of her body to watch her sisters fight Hyburn. Ridiculous! None of those needed to be Feyre PoV and would have made more sense as other characters.

  6. Agree - I’m irked that in those books Feyre is set up to be incredibly powerful, and instead of doing anything she’s “grounded” in those instances so the story can go elsewhere. The consequences of her not personally witnessing those moments seem small - she doesn’t carry trauma for acowar the way nesta does. I don’t know how much you would lose having another character pov and then Feyre getting a mind speak update or an off screen explanation

  7. Plot device? just to make the comparison to Rhys making an effort to help Feyre at the tasks and keep her sane, and Tammers doing nothing - they’re in love, really, theres nothing he could have done, no matter how little, to encourage Feyre without revealing too much to amarantha?

  8. It’s a romance series which typically focuses on monogamous couples. That’s also why the spinoff series is focusing on one couple per book, starting with Nessian and then [redacted] as the next couple. You could check out the reverse harem genre to see if that’s more your style.

  9. Like I said, I do find the capital R romance of the main couples motivating, but would be cool if there wasn’t so much shame implied around other set ups for side characters

  10. Honestly, cartoons from my childhood and newer ones that are solid. They are always bright, colorful, I know what happens next it's just good feelings all around.

  11. Hilda on Netflix is a new one that’s very genuine and comforting

  12. I felt that was implied by their reactions - Georgia’s devastation and Gil’s somewhat disingenuous joy (unless that was just bad acting) - happy to have her trapped, not for the kid. Def feels like a relationship that Gil would deny condoms or lie about using them or sabotaging them, or just straight up SA.

  13. I’m feeling Joe. Mainly for the chemistry and not having had any pay off (him and Cynthia were a crime) but also…

  14. Dang! Sarah Swallow and Lael were major inspirations when I shifted how I approached biking (and still are major inspirations). I know it doesn’t take away from their accomplishments, but it was nice to see Specialized provide bikes to projects working to increase diversity in biking, like Lael’s group in Tucson and some inclusive race teams

  15. I have two modes of cooking: one is every day somewhat simple meals that are either quick or a meal prep. It’s important for me for them to be still somewhat interesting and well-balanced macros. I feel like a lot of cookbooks whose genre is just “vegan” tends to hit this type of cooking well (Power Plates being a good example), and there are so many and competing with recipes online I would not buy another.

  16. I (F) have started to know what it feels like to go into dating asking yourself "do I like this person?" instead of just "does this person like me?" and for me that feels like a win.

  17. Dated a guy for about a month a couple months ago…I ended things because I wasn’t having those feelings of like “I want to see you all the time, tell me what’s going on inside your brain, you intrigue me”, even after sleeping together. Now I’m wondering if I just didn’t give it enough time to get there, considering all the things I did like about him. I feel like that’s what the early stages of a relationship is all about that I can’t get enough of you vibe but maybe that’s a romanticization of dating as an adult??

  18. Yeah, I've moved away from chasing that feeling. I found (for me) it was usually a sign of something toxic for me. Now I am more interested in a nice, stable, slow build to a relationship than an obsession or whirlwind romance.

  19. How do I (30F) meet men who want something serious irl? I dont want to use OLD anymore, but have never met someone without.

  20. I think the main other option is to meet people where you spend time - at work (ideally not a coworker), at the gym, at where you do your hobbies, etc. Downside is if things don't work out places you frequent become a landmine

  21. How old are the men that you’re finding? Where are you finding them.

  22. I'll date late 20s - late 30s, and a mix of online dating and in person connections.

  23. Has anyone ever broken up over “bad timing” and gotten back together later and had it work out? Do you go no contact in the meantime or remain friends in the meantime?

  24. Yes and no. Went on a date with someone and really hit it off, thought they were interesting, lots to talk about, and wanted to get to know them more. Turns out they were getting over a LTR and realized they weren't ready to date, until >6 months later we ran into each other on social media and started hanging out as friends, which turned into dating, which turned into a LTR, which turned out to be very unhealthy. With that particular person, in that particular situation, I would not do it again. I held on to unresolved feelings of being a fall back option, and I don't think they were really into me vs something convenient that popped back up.

  25. Thanks for the response! In this case we dated for a few months and all was pretty great, but during a time of a lot of transition for him. He may be moving very far away and just has a lot of big decisions to make. He also has a lot of trauma and just began therapy - and the therapist basically told him they don’t recommend starting a relationship right now. Add in another personal tragedy that just happened and he basically was like, can I get my shit together and if I’m not moving can I call you in a few months, will you pick up?

  26. If there was enough open communication on where both parties stood, I don't think it's as awful as some people on reddit make it out to be. Life is short and I tend not to think of people as disposable, and there's probably not a one-size-fits all answer for working on mental health. Personally, I'd seek out some space and boundaries for both of our sake and keep living my life. If they did reach back out, I'd take it one day at a time and see how I genuinely felt with them.

  27. Depending on how big it is, you can use a piece of tape. I’d recommend putting it on the shirt side of the screen so your squeegee doesn’t catch. You can also purchase screen filler relatively cheap and that will dry just like your emulsion would.

  28. Thank you! It looks like screen filler isn’t readily available where I’m at. For a short-term solution, could I paint on a bit of emulsion and expose it again?

  29. If they’re also considering external candidates, put in as much research and preparation as you would for an external interview. I’ve been on both sides (an underprepared internal candidate, and interviewed and underprepared internal candidate), and both were extremely awkward. Practice interviewing as it’s harder to stay in that polished mindset with people you’re familiar with. This is the one hour (or however long you have) to really impress the people you work with.

  30. I’m big into smoothies because they are easy to adjust serving size and protein content, and are easy to eat on the go (or in an early meeting). I keep it simple with a banana, some frozen fruit, nut butter, and protein powder and/or overnight soaked oats.

  31. Seconded Ripple for the most milky not-milk. It comes in sweetened and unsweetened options, and plain, vanilla, and chocolate. Some main stream grocers carry it here in the US

  32. I’ve definitely not completed working on myself (I don’t think I ever will). Maybe it’s not illuminating, but a break through for me was instead of facing situations where I would be very hard on myself and tearing myself down, ask myself what I would tell someone else - a friend, a kid, even your pet. Then I give myself that level of empathy. Being my best self, what would I tell a friend who needed help doing dishes? What would I tell my dog who broke the rules? What would I tell a child who was scared of something? Probably words coming from a place of understanding, caring, and wanting to provide help, and not anything malicious. So why don’t I do that for myself?

  33. Are you not using any amylase or enzymes to turn the starches into sugars? That’s how you make Oat milk - it’s a chemical process

  34. Bon Appetit has a solid method 4:1 ratio of water to oats. If you’re using 1 C oats, soak 1/4 creamy nuts (like cashew, macadamia) then blend with 2 C of the water to oblivion, then add the rest of the water and oats and blend very briefly (no longer than 20 seconds) to avoid goo. I add some cheese cloth to a strainer.

  35. Just take pictures of whatever sim you want to befriend... Raises the friendship meter significantly. Even using your cell phone is enough, no need to purchase the best camera 😎 👍

  36. I think it also scales with the number of photos out of 5 you take per command, if you want a more subtle impact don’t take all 5

  37. Have you considered bouldering? It makes me feel great, most gyms are very open and social so it will become a group activity in no time, and people are a lot more concerned with performance than they are with aesthetics. Progress is super tangible, too. I actually switched from CrossFit as well! On CrossFit I always felt like I was on the brink of injury and it made me feel weak, not strong. In climbing I feel strong, healthy and capable.

  38. I second climbing and how it sets you up for performance goals. Climbing can still create or highlight existing injuries, but this lends itself to being more intuitive with your body rather than a class or a coach pushing you too far. It also sets you up for great performance based goals and appreciation of what your body can do.

  39. Not really. My SO knows 100% of what’s going on with me, but he only knows as much about intuitive eating as I’ve told him. So even though it’s great to talk to someone about my feelings, he doesn’t have his own thoughts and opinions outside what I’ve told him.

  40. Thank you for sharing. Social media is pretty wild when it comes to this, but I agree I have also seen a trend of people coming forward about being more intuitive and kind and offering some representation of being ok with their body and it changing.

  41. The few people in my life who I have talked to about IE are a relief in the sea of diet culture that surrounds me. Not everyone that knows about it feels the same way I do, but at least they know my boundaries clearly.

  42. This is really helpful, I like the idea of highlighting joy vs restriction. It sounds like saying the type of thing I wish someone had said to me five years ago

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