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  1. The frog eater cafe I believe! It was a totally unexpected find. The cafe was adorable but did not look like it contained such a wonderful little room.

  2. Fog Eater* Cafe! They’re in the village of Mendocino, on Albion Street.

  3. Haha I agree! They are a vegetarian restaurant though, so that would probably be confusing.

  4. As a white pizza sauce with their pizza dough!

  5. Dark mode always. Light sensitive eyes.

  6. Lip balm, tissues, lotion, water, remote to turn my fan on, ibuprofen, spray bottle to threaten the cat with (just shaking it), silk scrunchie.

  7. Your island is really beautiful! What are the glowy fern things? They’re so cute!

  8. I need help styling an oversized white button down shirt. I recently added one to my wardrobe and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to wear it.

  9. Open over tank & leggings/shorts like you would a cardigan.

  10. While I can appreciate the intention behind your post, unless it’s something that will affect a life-or-death situation, it’s probably best to not get involved.

  11. Agreed. When a person is willing to break one social norm you can’t tell what other ones they’re also cool with breaking. Like violence.

  12. This is true, acne isn’t a hygiene issue.

  13. I don’t know but I feel like it’s similar to the thing this person found in their food:

  14. I went to Rose Gold’s in the Haight.

  15. Slip dress is the term that comes to mind.

  16. Painting right now. I just picked up watercolors.

  17. Sometimes it’s about waiting it out.

  18. Thanks!! I highly recommend her! She does book out pretty far though, I waited a year after putting my deposit down.

  19. I inquired with her and her list was like 18 months out at the time. Ooph. I respect it but I don’t have the patience haha.

  20. Look to sell the car. Between parking being a pain in the ass (and expensive) it's not worth the hassle. I never used mine when I lived in Oakland, to the point I needed to do a bunch just to make it drivable for the move to SF... Where it sat again while I had six months free car rent. Sold it immediately thereafter. Muni and BART will get you pretty much anywhere in the city within an hour or so. And you can always rent a car for excursions! On a different note, and I've seen this a lot on here, making friends can be a challenge. I personally haven't made many myself, and it's the one thing I wish I put more effort into earlier. I'm looking to sign up for a social sports league, as has been recommended by several folks in this subreddit as a good way to meet folks. There may be other clubs and stuff for your own interests as well. Welcome!!

  21. Honestly, a lot of these jokes would make me feel uncomfortable on the giving or receiving end. Telling someone it’s an extra 20 has the implication that you are annoyed at them.

  22. This looks like a regular California Roll to me. Imitation crab, avocado, sushi rice, nori, some roe.

  23. The inside may be real crab, the rolls behind it are obviously the Kani sticks as is what’s on top of the rolls in question. Or it could be minced with Mayo or something.

  24. I think your right it looks like the front rolls maybe are real crab inside. Whats wrapped round top sort of looks like a layer of the Kani sticks.

  25. Light. So much lotion. Tissues. Water. Remote to the fan. Chapstick. Nail file.

  26. It was an absolutely bonkers color - I used golden and red beets so it was electric pink.

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