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  1. Yeah lol. Luckily he was let go recently due to these antics he pulled on a lot of our leadership staff. I think anyone who works in the software field or IT all know this one coworker.

  2. Wait... Theme parks asks military to stand up? The only time I've sat at a theme park is on a ride.

  3. Guess it depends. Some Sea World's or sports events may ask active military and veterans to stand for folks to show appreciation.

  4. What’s wrong with having a veteran stamp on my license? It gets me discounts on weed and free entry into most national parks/museums

  5. Nothing wrong with it. I love my military discount when I go to home depot to buy tools lol. This was more making fun of those guys who will pull that ID out for no reason at all other than to just brag.

  6. So a soldier existing on Earth bothered you this much huh?

  7. Not really. I'm a veteran myself (Army) and this is just a starterpack of guys I've ran into in everyday life. Definitely not the norm though.

  8. Your wife is currently eligible for F4 visa, which is the main visa for diaspora seeking resident status. The visa is easily renewable every 5 years or so. The consulate/embassy near you will process this.

  9. Oh wow thank you so much for the information, it's truly appreciated. I did talk to my parents about adding me to the family registry and they are on it. I'm in my 30's, so I guess I have to join the Korean military? I am a veteran (prior Army), but I suppose Korea doesn't care since it's not their army lol. Combined income, wife and myself make way over 6 figures so I guess we would be paying taxes in Korea. I definitely understand fully not being "one of us" mentality from making friends throughout the years with native Koreans. I understand the cultural disconnect overall in how we all carry ourselves. It won't be an issue though, I do have friends over there and family who will look out for us. For careers, I have been looking at working in a FAANG type of company, but with the salary and retention bonuses I currently get, it's a bit hard to go somewhere else. But I guess that's by design lol.

  10. Oh no. I didn't mean to make this oddly specific to me. Just from what I've noticed with friends of mine and in the city I live in.

  11. Houston, Atlanta, DC, Richmond. Any city with a black population over 10% is where I see this usually.

  12. You can check out BLORA if you don't mind the drive. Free for military and veterans. May or may not see a dead body or three per usual. But you know, just go on ahead and ignore that and keep swimming.

  13. In the beginning I did. My J1 and J2 made billions in earnings. The C levels in both companies gave themselves high six figures to millions in bonuses while the engineers who make the product and company successful the way it is only $10k-$40k range in bonuses. And not all the devs, just the principal and seniors. Mid and junior devs got a 3% raise. So no I don't feel guilty about making 2 six figures salaries.

  14. Do you like software development and IT field? How much self discipline do you have in self-learning for free? The Odin Project, YouTube, Launch School, etc. for learning platforms. For the software side of things, you could get into front end, back end, full stack web development or maybe mobile development in iOS/android if you have time. On the IT side, I would go for cloud certifications preferably in AWS or Azure. Maybe GCP as well. Learn Kubernetes and IaC tools. Or Project Management. I've brought in junior devs and cloud engineers based on their projects in GitHub and willingness to learn on the job. Learning Linux would be very beneficial in either field.

  15. Once the deed is done, I get paid to leave. It adds up pretty quick know what I'm saying?

  16. OP, I have a BS in Finance and have been working on the Dev side of DevOps for over a decade with no formal CS background except one CS elective all business people take freshman year. I mainly create automation tools in Python, Node.js, and Bash. I got into the field by studying on my own, get certs, creating home labs, and contribute to my own GitHub repo. I've been looking for a career change into iOS side since that's mainly who I work with and I love working on projects with them. Your friends are just gatekeeping and being dicks. Don't go to them for help on anything in terms of software development. Do what I did. Self learn and produce projects on your own. Go to meet ups locally or virtually on MeetUp. Don't get stuck on tutorials. I'm currently learning swift on my own time using Paul Hudson 100 days of code and other free stuff on YouTube. You got this, don't let other people discourage you on what you want to do.

  17. If you plan to get into DoD contracting, you need at least a Security+ as a baseline cert. I work with dev and cloud guys in the private sector and the security guys all have at least a CISSP, OSCP, or just years of experience.

  18. Same thing happened to that one boxer Prichard Colon. He's been in a vegetative state since being hit in the back of the head.

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