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Kraken CEO Calls Binance ‘Proof Of Reserves’ Pointless

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  1. I'm saying fuck it, I graduated university in the summer and I'm salaried for the first time in my life meaning I have more money than I've ever had and my expenses havent yet caught up to my income

  2. I know someone that for sure is paid the same as me, and I know their other half isn’t loaded either, who is going on 5 holidays next year when I’ll be lucky to afford one. I can only assume Mr Credit Card and a whole load of denial are behind it.

  3. Could have passive income (investments = dividends etc), could be seriously good at shopping around for holidays, utilise cashback and offers etc, they could be using cashback and discounts for general life and put the money towards holidays

  4. The bit where you started enjoying & entering restaurants for your entertainment & deciding to tip when you get “exceptional service “, That’s ALL WRONG. Please ELABORATE ON YOUR DEFINITION OF EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!

  5. SBF fucked the market and fucked our ratio as well

  6. Should be arrested for his impact on our subreddit >:(

  7. Interesting question. Tipping ability exists for a reason but it seems no one uses it.

  8. Tips were popular before mainnet but when you have to pay a fee to tip it's a lot less appealing

  9. I prefer finding out by myself that new moons are in my account, it’s like a little surprise in my sad day

  10. Ah, an opportunity for a government somewhere to come down like a ton of bricks on this hacker and show that using crypto for extortion will not be tolerated

  11. I am pretty much sure that it is not going to happen in India atleast. I don't think the government is technically sound to tackle the hacker.

  12. Tbh it's more wishful thinking than anything, i doubt they'll see any real repercussion

  13. Oh that guy? Don't recognise him, never heard of him before, definitely the first time I've seen this headline /s

  14. There's no reason US servers shouldn't get a decent wage plus tips. It doesn't have to be either/or. The whole "tip credit" and "tipped minimum wage" should be illegal.

  15. This is what everyone is advocating for but all these servers seem to take from it is 'they want to abolish our tips!!!', like no, you can have both and it just takes pressure off the customer. Honestly amazing how many people on this sub ignore the concept of having both, which is what most of Europe gets to enjoy (and I certainly enjoy having both here in the UK)

  16. Agreed, we don't get anything near your tips but nor do we have it so bad when we don't make the expected tips. Our base wage is no worse that anyone on an untipped position.

  17. They will panic once it drops under %1, Already panicking since all of them trying to convince people with proof of reserves.

  18. Struggling to find anything in that article which explains why it is good for the power grid.

  19. It's a fluff article, a hopium headline but no real relevant content

  20. That's what I thought, any number generator could come up with a bunch of phone numbers and churn them out on the dark web

  21. Craig wright is expected to make the announcement soon

  22. I can't wait for the entire crypto community to have another excuse to tell him he's full of shit

  23. I'd advise him to research concepts and coins then come to you to discuss it afterwards. That way he could independently learn stuff like staking, smart contracts etc then discuss with you later just for clarity

  24. I'm glad someone said it, I hope nothing dodgy is uncovered but the signs are there enough to cause suspicion

  25. If moons went to £5 I'd probably sell because that'd be my house deposit sorted lol

  26. People that enter in the bull aren't used to seeing the red that the bear brings. Rationally most know it'll go green again but those overinvested in Alts or simply new to the investing game altogether are going to be slightly spooked by the red they see

  27. Well I entered in october, and already lost some due to SBF and his sex club, but I have to admit it was scary seeing everything go red, even though I'm not over invested, at some point I even thought I had entered just to see the end of crypto

  28. Tbh even without over investing it can be daunting with the red so don't worry, how you've felt is normal

  29. Just to see what Kraken understands under a "Proof of Reserves", you can check out how

  30. Kraken is seriously coming off as a very strong exchange amidst all the drama, if nothing else this is great PR for them

  31. Yeah and it's working, after reading this thread I'm about to go and set up a kraken account

  32. A reliable exchange is always good but don't forget 'not your keys not your crypto' :)

  33. Yeah, everyone is seeing those posts bashing binance for ... uh ... what exactly ? The exact same reason all the time, an article from rival exchange named kraken supposedly "exposing them".

  34. I am not specifically pro any exchange, i have been using pretty much all of them at one point or the other.

  35. “Minimal deformity of the left nasal bone. He is inappropriate for rhinoplasty surgery… the minimal displacement will be extremely difficult to correct without significant nasal bone osteotomies which carry a significant risk of further deformity.” Then it goes on to say “Also cosmetic rhinoplasty is not available.”

  36. I didn't notice until I worked out exactly what I was looking for

  37. I still don't understand how she made a mistake by telling him this tbh. It's revealed that they're not compatible and so theyre both free to find someone more compatible, Where's the mistake?

  38. Wym? If this is a deal-breaker to him then that means they're incompatible anyway. No one is in the wrong in this situation. He's within his rights to see this as a deal-breaker, she's within her rights to have participated in something perfectly legal, he is not obliged to like it.

  39. I think it's a bit more dangerous to get into a relationship hiding something so major. I dare say people have a stronger reaction to unknowingly kissing a trans person than just knowing a trans person in passing

  40. FXT was a warning to the centralised crypto industry (aka exchanges and users of exchanges) and we're gonna see the fall out from this in terms of regulations

  41. I was referring to exchanges when I said centralised crypto industry but yeah, there are definitely cryptos that are centralised

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