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Monke gives Emily a lesson on the definition of fascism

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Jon Stewart's Legendary Chicago Pizza Rant

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  1. You would consider charging and trying to take a rifle away from someone to be “gunned down in cold blood”?

  2. I would consider the Kyle's cosplaying as Ricky Responder by bringing a long gun across state lines to a racial equality protest to "protect private property" a dumb enough pretense to shoot anyone. But cheer on the murderous little shit stain if it suits you.

  3. You’re just repeating all the talking points that most people have stopped using after the trial. Do you think he shouldn’t have any right to self-defense?

  4. No. He had no business being there. You cheerlead a jar of piss with a gun. Go fuck yourself.

  5. Morgan Freeman voice: In the end, what brought the symbiote down was the Morbing that we all had mocked and derided.

  6. I liked that game because it really lets you feel like the circus is in town

  7. The game's character designs are so comic book-y without being unrealistic.

  8. The textures on Spidey's costumes and suits are so, so good. I would have thought the comics borrowed from the game and not the other way around

  9. My favorite is getting a 30 sec unskippable when trying to watch a 10 sec video

  10. Or if it the video linked was a silly meme like a rick roll, it is a real bummer when you follow the link and instead of a punchline its a word from some insurance company then the silly vid

  11. Trump getting a Pay Per View deal out of his hypothetical sentencing and incarceration feels like the worst "good ending."

  12. Dunno. In this timeline I am evil and can actually grow a goatee, though

  13. WB is too scared to try anything creative, despite having some of the best content at their doorstep.

  14. Wasn't New Line Cinema the studio under the WB that would "try stuff"?

  15. Nevermind how the Italian Armed Forces committed war crimes against the black peoples of Africa, the locals were friendly to the Black Allied soldiers. Its because they had black friends, this invalidates all the other fascist and awful things that transpired under Mussolini

  16. That's a Chicago alley if I've ever seen one. Logan Square, maybe?

  17. That sounds interesting. What did he speak to them about?

  18. I couldn't find that, but I did find this nice anecdote from Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom, on Rickman's last day of shooting the HP films:

  19. Ah that probably also explains the "cool bro" part. Although i also recognize the voice for something else. I don't know. All i remember was that the guy talking was fictional. Maybe a cartoon or cgi person? He was also a really relaxed cool dude.

  20. "Hey Min, thets exchually spelled 'Korg.'" Who was played by the film's director, Taika Waititi. He is from New Zealand and also of Maori decent too

  21. Shooting your shot and missing isn't as painful as looking back at years of never trying. Don't let your brain trick you into thinking that rejection is the worst outcome.

  22. You’re correct, but the thrown horse was actually just the scale double. Fun fact, the scale double was really good at chess and beat Sean Astin all the time.

  23. Take a shot every time this comes up in the cast commentary on the special edition DVD!

  24. I like the Crustless squares. It's like the Paul Lynde of pizza.

  25. I do too. Essential for anyone but especially new visitors!

  26. Make sure to wear a a wide hat, bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a disposable camera

  27. I've been on these tours a few times, and theres nothing wrong using the phone on your camera really. It is just less of a worry that it, should it fall overboard, it won't be as big a loss. Plus, disposable pics make for good memories.

  28. Haha one of my favorite little cutaway jokes. Thanks for the reminder about that angry guy

  29. I really wish he went the "completely hammered Orson Welles" route.

  30. Aaaaaaah theFrenchchampaign...has always been known for its excellence

  31. But aren’t you forgetting: Chris ‘dog whistle’ Christy, who comes barking back to Trumps side at a moments notice. Here’s someone whose political career was toast due to Bridge-gate and he still sold out to Trump over and over.

  32. Trump hates Chris Christie as I recall. Don't know why. I just chalk it up to some NY-NJ thing.

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