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  1. This is amazing. Super sick. I love it.

  2. This man with a scalding hot take: Nolan Arenado is one of the best fielders in the game

  3. Gwynn batted.338 for his career. Everyone ahead of him on the career leaderboard on BBREF (

  4. I always loved that he used a 32” bat and hit ropes in all directions. Absolute gentleman too.

  5. Usually like breakdowns but not a fan of this one. Making fun of the umps public speaking just felt mean spirited.

  6. Oh yeah btw it’s two clubbies, you can see Judge in the dugout in shorts and a tshirt

  7. Just trying to apply my geeky nerdiness to my favorite sport

  8. I prefer Rothschild to Matt Blake I think we can get him back

  9. Oh no. No. Don’t even speak that horrid stink in these quarters for fear that the demons of hell will hear you and strike again in the name of Fat Larry.

  10. Denny Doyle. Doyle hitting school. Dude had a perfect swing.

  11. He looked Most days he looks bad, some days he looks really good. Put all together you get a fairly bad shortstop

  12. I’m not buying this narrative. He has been solid. Passes the eye test. I have faith in IKF to bring us to the promised land.

  13. This is pure delusion I'm sorry. "the eye test" only works if you've seen every play, and even then memory fails you because you tend to only remember the really good ones and the really bad ones. He hasn't been solid at all, might as well just say "higashioka has been solid, he passes the eye test" it doesn't mean anything

  14. It means that I think he is good enough to win us a championship.

  15. Igawa is the pitching version of Gallo

  16. You can win a slam dunk contest with this one simple trick

  17. Well said ! I think we are all feeling the joy this week. Thanks Trey !!!

  18. Lol true, wonder if we can put him in the outfield but use a designated hitter for him lol.

  19. Big old swisher smile !.. great memories of his time in the Bronx.

  20. Badly misplayed but I gues your not exspecting that

  21. So happy to see Trey get all this much deserved attention and share it with the young bucks !

  22. It looks like a heart but it also may be an apple ….

  23. I misread your first sentence. Most definitely it did help, but the ire directed at Altuve, particularly from your fanbase, is missguided.

  24. Because he is taunted and jeered at for being a cheater, when others on the team, who actually regularly participated in the sign stealing, deserve it way more. It seems like a huge portion of the hate is directed at Jose, who didn't personally cheat, but others like Bergman, Correa, Springer, MARWIN GONZALEZ get much less hate.

  25. I think it’s up us to decide who we hate the most. The MVP thing is a big part of it.

  26. Rut’s Hawain is amazing. Get the r1. Add veggies if that’s your thing.

  27. It would be hilarious in the all star game if Altuve batted after judge

  28. Never post this website again. Terrible writing and just a rant.

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