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  1. Any update on this , blonde roast is still out of stock everywhere ?

  2. it's the best!! i miss it so much. i bought 2 bottles at target 2 or so weeks ago and they tasted like straight up water, they were so gross, so starbucks gave me a Starbucks gift card which was nice! but yeah, i can't find them anywhere now and can only find unsweetened medium occasionally. i'm hoping it's just because of the bottle design but i feel like they could have planned for this better.

  3. I’ve gone so long without it I actually think I’ve kicked my coffee addiction which is super messed up, because now if I want it I’m going back into caffeine addiction/ headaches without it 😭😭

  4. 🤣 at this point if she said it was a dog bed I’d buy it 🤣

  5. HEY!! I had to find this post because it’s 5 am and I’m mindlessly watching tv and I think I might have found the thing??? Look

  6. Honestly my fav documentary besides dear zachary. Somewhat had a happy ending with that fucker being caught, it was cool seeing these group of internet friends(?) Get together and find that lunatic.

  7. You get a free meal per shift usually in restaurants. The really over exaggerated it in this show. No restaurant is going to close down to feed their employees. You shovel fries in your mouth when you have a brief moment and survive off of the sugar in your soda and cigarettes. I’ve literally even seen servers or busboys eating the leftovers off of customer’s plates that they’ve brought back to the kitchen. 🤢

  8. They’re obligated by law to tell you. You can also request a copy of the surgical report, any of your medical records.

  9. Either plan to sleep at a friend’s house over the weekend or move your car to the backyard. When the weekend’s over, check under all your wheel wells and under your car. Shoot, you could probably even bring it to a tire shop and explain you had a stalker and need them to lift it and look underneath for any tracking devices.

  10. Did you let him kneel down to your feet for a close inspection?

  11. Would you at some point reward him if he did more / other things for you?

  12. As soon as I have a police report I will release the details and whatever else I can to help find the killer. Thank you. Good suggestion.

  13. Reddit users are amazing at identifying vehicles based on very limited information. As soon as you get them please share with us. What a horrifying nightmare. 💔


  15. I wasn’t foraging, it was in my yard. I just took a photo because I wanted an ID out of curiosity. Even if I found something that was identified as edible, i wouldn’t eat it.

  16. I actually found something I’ll be testing out soon from Amazon, if you’d like the link send me a chat reminding me and I’ll send it to you.

  17. It’s also worth noting that people sneaking across the border in a boat aren’t officially considered refugees. Refugees need to lawfully arrive at the border or an embassy and state their refugee claim and have that claim accepted by the government.

  18. The process for gaining asylum literally includes crossing borders and approaching border control officials.

  19. Call the store, ask to speak with the top manager only. If they’re not available, ask when they will be. Tell them exactly what you told us. They’ll be fired.

  20. Oh my god! Mads' had WAY too much work done. She is starting to look a little like Marilyn Manson.

  21. Omg she had plastic surgery to look more like her daughter. She completely changed her face shape.

  22. Honestly, same. I start with straightening my bangs only, and mascara and then I find myself wanting to add more. It’s worked for me a lot.

  23. Love how this wing shape suits your eye, even over the iris. Just looks clean and nice.

  24. That’s a pretty harsh question to be asking about yourself. You’re beautiful, forget that clown. “Ex” for a reason.

  25. What’s amazing to me is that you don’t realize that should stop after every first sentence. This conversation either happened extremely differently or this is how you wish it happened. “Not even if you were bill gates or the pope.” 🙄

  26. Get a lawyer immediately and gather security footage from the hotel, it’s likely that it’s already been too long to do this, as most places systems delete footage after so long.

  27. Bro, if I saw that right, that twitter is emo AF

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