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  1. YTA although not for having a conversation with a girl on a plane. You are an AH for giving her your phone number, instagram and making a coffee date. You should have cut that off.

  2. He definitely sounds like an alcoholic, which means he is now dependent on alcohol. This is not mild either, judging by the amount. How you want to go from here is up you, but if he doesn't get treatment the child will essentially grow up without a father.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you are in such a dark place, with so little support. Please try to find a self-help group of abuse survivors if you can't afford therapy. I can imagine if you are surrounded by people who don't understand, it gets worse over time instead of better. Please, don't give up! <3

  4. Yes, tell your GP how desperate you are. He or she should be able to refer you. I hope that you will get well soon!

  5. Wait what? You’re in middle school?

  6. Oh geez. I am so sorry that happened to you!

  7. NTA Where I'm from it's illegal to hit (also spank) your kid, because it's abuse. So I don't think your mom is overstepping at al...

  8. How is your relationship with her apart from this? It sounds like a lot of drama. If she won't go on sunday, she'll at least have to tell you why not? Sit down to have a grown-up conversation with her. If she can't do that, your relationship is pretty much doomed... NTA btw, you are just trying to make do.

  9. Kind of, I feel like im always doing something wrong even when I try to make her happy. We already had this conversation before i posted this and she said “ I’m not repeating myself anymore . It’s fine if we don’t go. I would’ve liked for us to go together to help each other but understand you got other things going on as well”. I just fear if I go she will be upset with me just cause thats what usually happens.

  10. Have the meta-conversation with her about how you feel. This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship tbh.

  11. NTA However, from a developmental standpoint, I do not think taking away the PS5 will help his behavior at all. Your brother will not learn to be more compassionate towards other people because of this punishment, he will just be more disgruntled and angry. I hope your parents will take other necessary steps to actually change his behavior, like counseling?

  12. All the above and going swimming, fingerpainting and simple card- or board games.

  13. It probably has to do with the fear of assault. My child loves sleepovers at his best friends house and has been doing that occasionally since he was about 7 years old. I know the parents well and their child also sleeps here sometimes. I agree it has to feel ok and you want to know the parents. But I'm glad he didn't miss out on that. When I was young, I was assaulted many times at primary school, so not having sleepovers wouldn't have prevented that...

  14. Apart from the stupidity of this note, smarties actually contain gluten AND dairy... what a twat...

  15. I had to Google the spelling... Apparently the world also excepts "yoghourt" as well as "yogourt". Huh, The more ya know.

  16. Thanks, you are right :) Yoghurt is the Dutch spelling... thought it was the same.

  17. A 2 wheel walker bike (if that's what you call it). Good for balance, and ideal for longer walks with your child.

  18. YWBTA, but not for wanting to be able to sleep, obviously. He's your partner. Don't tell him what to do, but openly discuss this problem with him and think of possible solutions together. He might come up with something you haven't thought of...

  19. or “Paper jammed inside the printer.”

  20. Or: 'Paper jammed in the inside, the printer'. Like it's signing its name...

  21. That is odd. Does something else seem off when you take her there? It sounds like she doesn't feel safe?

  22. She’s extremely stubborn. But also doesn’t poop without pull-ups at home either. She had a constipation issue weeks back that seemed to change how she viewed the potty. But i don’t think she’s scared more dug in

  23. Have you tried making a calendar with stickers? That would work like this: every time she pees or poops at the daycare or at home (at a toilet or potty), she can choose a sticker to put on 'today'. It's important that she gets this sticker as a little reward, but not to tie a big thing to it (i.e. don't tell her she'll get a present when she has 10 stickers or something; if the reward is too big, that might even create a bigger psychological problem. Just stick to the stickers.) Take this same calendar and stickers to daycare as well, to let her realise it is a continuous thing; she gets the same reward there as she would at home. Most importantly: stick to this system for a while, as you will not get immediate results.

  24. NAH But if it were me, I'd have offered some help before she even asked. If you really don't want to deal with kids, you won't be an asshole for turning her down. But why not help out a friend and have fun hanging out after the kids are in bed?

  25. Try having an open hearted talk with one of your team mates to find out how they feel. If they see it differently, try to stop being so hard on yourself. If this sport or team really isn't for you, try to find one that is. I consider myself to be somewhat motorically challanged, but I stopped feeling bad about it. I realise I have the potential to make others feel good about themselves, while comparing themselves to me :-D That makes me happy...

  26. Please go find some professional help. Calling your son a crybaby will not make him cry less. I understand your frustration, but there can be so many different causes for his behaviour that it'll be dangerous to give or follow any advice based on this post.

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