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I'm 18 and I just finished building my first telescope! It's a 10" f/5.6 Dobsonian.

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  1. Comparatively warmer than the conditions on a comet.

  2. The are legally required to remove you now that they officially acknowledged your request, and they know it. They're relying on you not knowing the legal precedent and talking to your bishop anyway.

  3. Yup. Once you tell them that the relationship is over, legally it is so. How they process it on their side is their problem.

  4. That's fair - I think that the shared origin is heavily implied, but you're right that it's not necessarily stated. I do think I can ask: is this similarity )that is based on part of a single aspect) beyond the bounds of coincidence?

  5. Isn't the spirit of science to question one's assumptions?

  6. Those narrow barrels allow for tight grouping. I love these.

  7. “And the name she will be known by during her time in earth and on the records of the church is Breckinlee (but spelled with an X and a silent Q)”

  8. Spoiler alert: She's going to have to wait 20 years to find out the name she'll be known by for all eternity.

  9. Take the time to find a therapist with whom you click! Not all therapists are equal, and not all are a good fit even if they have great credentials. If you tried it once and it didn't get much out of it, keep looking.

  10. A lot of the cheap ones don’t even need power. You just connect to the water line

  11. Many don't require electricity. They just use water pressure. Sure, it's chilly, but also still better than rubbing your butthole raw with toilet paper.

  12. But your comment was absolutely wrong. The system does not permit this type of thing, that's why these guys are in jail.

  13. Woah woah the bimini stones? So Edgar cayce WAS right on its location?! Which means akashic record is real… Which also means whatever wiped Atlantis is probably going to happen again soon and wipe us to reset Via great flood from magnetic flip or six hours of quakes Oh boy

  14. Magnetic flip freaks me out. If a magnetic field is what keeps the magma on which the tectonic plates float from acting more like a solid than a liquid than the absence of a magnetic field suggests that the heaviest parts of the globe would slide to the equator.

  15. Take the time to watch Sorry to Bother You on Netflix. Capitalism is inherently exploitative.

  16. Nice moon shot! You can clearly see the Clavius Crater right on top there.

  17. Despite the naysayers I get what you mean OP. Zoomed all the way in on my phone and yes. It’s blurry. Not sure if other commenters are trolling or what.

  18. Great write up! Thanks for making the effort. The spirit told me this story is true.

  19. flapping hands to prevent a case of the vapors

  20. "I guess I'll walk home, now. ...well, maybe in a minute."

  21. Oooh, TheraminTrees!! Man, that guy's got some magnificently thoughtful content.

  22. I am sikh with a turban and 0 issues in almost 4 years of being in Salt Lake. It's less racist than Vancouver by a good factor.

  23. I'm relieved to hear that. Native, born and raised, here, and though not religious (anymore) I've felt particularly partial about the Sikhs after I got to know a family of adherents who were isncredibly gentle, warm, and genuine people. Fwiw, welcome.

  24. I see some deliberate chipped edges in there. Anyone else?

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