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  1. Which of the four Dark Devas of Destruction is your favorite?

  2. I’m afraid you’re going to have to be more specific considering they’re all pretty short

  3. Ok, I feel like I’ve seen this email posted here with the exact same wording except it was Nagito from Danganronpa. Is this a meme or something?

  4. if Hobo Phoenix was a hot, eccentric, late 18-century detective MAYBE I’d consider giving up the GarbAJ slander

  5. Update: I am now playing with their cat that I am very allergic to

  6. /ub is this art original? If not, can you credit who made it?

  7. The thing is, we expect the baka to be kept on the subreddit, not spread to the source material. That’s like exiting the bathroom to see that there’s crap in the hallway.

  8. prepare yourself because you’re not ready for how

  9. Please explain. I don't understand, I'm not sure I want to. But for the sake of information, please explain.

  10. This person is known for being majorly in love with a Genshin Impact character (it’s hard to really tell if it’s one big bit that they’re doing) and posted like a tribute(?)/love letter(?)/fanfic(?) thing that spans 300 tweets.

  11. Can I get the original picture without the YouTube thumbnail overlayed?

  12. Ngl, that’s what playing V3 felt like whenever Miu started talking

  13. Wow, clicking on your profile has led me down a rabbit hole I never knew I wanted to explore until now. I have accepted Yu Ishigami (best girl) into my life and wish to join the Church of Ishigami.

  14. Reposting memes like this is what got bocchi banned

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