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  1. delivered in my mailbox at home.

  2. I didn’t pay for anything. None that i know of

  3. Damn hopefully the east coast gets it soon

  4. Looks like it shipped from Addison,IL so hopefully you get yours too

  5. Thanks, you know if there’s any way to check like the tracking number?

  6. It does have a usps priority mail tracking number but i just don’t how you can get the tracking number for your shipment. Might be a long shot but try sending mihoyo an inquiry.

  7. Honkai Impact 3 has given you an Anniversary Voyage Gift Box. Open it now!

  8. Great to read this! I am also eager to learn! I read the full manual in advance 😁

  9. Feel free to share pics here. Enjoy your new forester !!!

  10. Thank For the advice, this is what I can here for. The advice from people like you who have a different and entirely neutral perspective. Thanks.

  11. The Covid shutdown might have created a slight uptick in # of birth per year for the past 3 years. With the number of 1-2 year old increase and inflation, there’s more parents opted to stay home to care for their young ones.

  12. I did a few more runs today. Definitely way easier to clear finality with the charge built.

  13. I did it with my 4/4 HoH, although it wasn't as easy as it was before.

  14. Same here HoH 4/4 with her weapon pri armed and maxxed, I didn’t need to pop ego signet in the first few floors before this update.

  15. Congrats. I think I was just a few hours short

  16. Yah i used up all the speed order to rush the 3000 solium core.

  17. I am also not trying to convince you otherwise. Just my 2 cents, part of what drove the prices of house are investors buying up properties and competing against homebuyers which drastically reduced supply. hopefully the place you rent doesn't get bought out or sold which may drive your rent up. that's the nature of rental businesses. Rent will always increase, it's just a matter of how drastic it may increase.

  18. By converting our original loan to a 1st position heloc we saved over $ 120,000 interest over the life of the original loan. Now that we have paid of our heloc, we still have access to the credit line and wouldn’t need to refi to access equity from our home if needed. Like being our own bank

  19. Nice! I though HELOC loans close after a certain amount of time though? You still have access to the funds after the draw period? Or am I getting my wires mixed up

  20. My heloc is still open. And will only close if we choose to close it

  21. My head hurts too. Florida Insurance skyrockets with old roofs. Apparently, this is due in part to insurance frauds/unnecessary claims after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

  22. Quick question, how much does skyrocket means? The only reason I’m asking is if the cost difference you will be saving on the insurance with the new roof will pay off the $15k to replace roof for the next 15 years.

  23. I’m not a financial advisor so take this with a grain of salt. I’d pay off my the credit card debt. My reason for doing so is the saving you have do cost you something. Your paying to have that savings in your back pocket which is interest. The interest on your debt is substantially more vs the interest you may be getting from your savings if there is even any. Since you essentially dont have the debt that you’re chipping away, the amount you would have to pay can automatically turn to savings and can build that $2k back quicker.

  24. Instead of moving, why not treat yourself to investment property instead.

  25. You are so right. I keep installing then re-installing the apps. Just need to focus on packing and be grateful to have a roof over my head.

  26. I had the exact same feeling when i bought my first home a few years back. Thought we over paid on the property and was still looking around comparing other properties at the same price point, they look and feel better than the one i bought. I feel really bummed about it and felt i fail myself and wife because we settled for this property. We changed our focus and instead planned to pay off our house sooner. Fast forward a few years to now, we are now mortgage free and our property almost doubled it’s value. We are now waiting for good opportunity to acquire our dream home while keeping this one as a rental property that would help pay for the mortgage of our dream home.

  27. Holding off for now, I’m waiting until the end of the freebie pulls just in case i snag some vc’s that i still don’t have.

  28. My wife’s driving our 2015 xt and its between 27-28 mpg. She drive about 20 miles one way to work on the freeway

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