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  1. Thank you all for playing. Someone has guessed 747. I have chosen the person who guessed first.

  2. Lol I put £600 on Liverpool to score 1 more goal after the red card, they're not gonna do it are they

  3. Thank you so much. I wasn't getting any motion sickness but the camera movement felt so weird to me, this fully fixed it.

  4. How do you guys keep your mealpreps? The meat is bad within 2 days in the fridge. You guys keep it in the freezer and microwave the food? Sorry if I'm sounding dumb lmao

  5. „Easily beat bots“. Lol bro you realiz you were down some goals just before the end of the game?

  6. I was down 7-3 with less than half the game to play. Won 8-7 when I discovered the trick. This means with the strat I basically went 5-0.

  7. How do you spot bots? I don't know how to differentiate them from real players

  8. Also: they don't flick forward in a kickoff and they don't move after a goal has been scored.

  9. bruh i smoked weed for this fight and its done already

  10. If you having bot problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but thankfully a champ 1

  11. These bots are in C1 aswell, encountered 2 just today already in 1s.

  12. They literally haven't. If you were a true fan as you think you are you would recognise the video going around as one that was filmed the last time they were arrested lmao

  13. He already posted on twitter nitwit.

  14. Mortar hard counters egiant as it doesn't receive any reflect damage and has absurd HP.

  15. Lmfao I have double city defense but this is just funny

  16. Who to bench between Walker and Cucurella? Already set on starting Neco. Already have Cancelo btw.

  17. Start Cucurella or Neco Williams. If it helps I'm a Brighton fan but Williams' red shirt makes my team look more aesthetically pleasing.

  18. If you don't have Haaland its your own fault tbh.

  19. We going to act like it isn't a ton of back of the head shots by KSI?

  20. Pineda turns around constantly though lol

  21. Atleast we can say that we captained Salah in a 9-0 victory without a return for years to come.

  22. Fabinho is actually the difference

  23. What happens if you make 3 transfers in a week then decide to use WC, do you still have to pay the -8?

  24. Tbh as a trans person yourself you're probably biased aswell

  25. Who in the world took him out in the first place?

  26. What do you mean by making the mirror disappear?

  27. If you use mirror on a delayed card like goblin barrel, it shows where the barrel lands. This nerfs mirror a bit.

  28. No fix, had to completely delete everything from my system and start again with a new save to be able to upload again.

  29. Same, don't understand how something like this is possible in a time like this tbh

  30. How is England this bad? As a Belgian I don't really understand. Overrated players? Can't be all Southgate's fault right?

  31. I just read the 1.04 patch notes and I did not see a mention of Alexander anywhere but I haven't tried if it's fixed in game yet.

  32. Yeah same, will try again tomorrow. Don't think anything has changed though tbh because in the patchnotes it does specifically state that Diallos' questline has been fixed.

  33. Had they same problem for the longest time, stuck at radahn etc.. so I just killed him there ypu still get his shard, just not his innards, wack him enough he'll agro and you can finish him for the shard

  34. I just cannot kill my Jar friend when he stands there so defenseless.

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