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  1. Little kids (4, 5ish) do this a lot too! Not necessarily naming someone. But they’ll give you a list of their favorite Superheroes and then in the conversation usually they’ll talk about their family members “my dad/mom/brother is SOOOO strong…”

  2. I think I technically brought politics into it by saying their ideologies often align with fascism.

  3. My favorite parts of the whole quick exchange is 1) they definitely think he did it 2) apparently this has happened before?!?

  4. I think there’s a lot of shows where this happens - heck even the creator of Bojack Horseman says it’s happened occasionally - but I will always give the Futurama writers the benefit of the doubt that they knew exactly what they were doing.

  5. I was thinking about taking it…. But fan duels boosts have not been hitting… I looked at Maxeys stats last year and he only hit multiple 3s in 1 game… the others were duds and he barely got 1

  6. What? There were several games where he put up 5. Depending on the situation his O/U is sometimes 2.5

  7. I’m also pro-emotional support animals! But I’m allergic to dogs (with allergy induced asthma) so they can cause some trouble for me.

  8. you should at least be able to move to the other side of the table, or, a better idea, have everyone who is allergic register as allergic beforehand, and anytime they get moved next to a dog, they have to move, want to or not, so they can't abuse the system and stay in a seat/table with position on fish, and move when at seat/table that is not a good table or seat.

  9. That’s how I fixed the problem! Once it happened the second time I realized it was going to be a pattern. So I just started going up to the tournament coordinator person beforehand and explaining the situation. I think I only got 5 or 6 more tournaments in before the pandemic hit and it didn’t come up. At the table is fine. Directly right next to me was the problem.

  10. I am so, so sorry for your doc’s poor advice. This is the second time I’ve seen a post like this and it just blows my mind. Definitely Google how to taper duloxetine - if you go gradually, it shouldn’t be anywhere close to as bad as it is now. And if you’re able, maybe find a new doc :’) I hope that these symptoms pass soon, and I’m glad you have your kitties to pet in the meantime! Let them give you those healing purrs.

  11. Im pretty sure you can’t taper duloxetine without a doctor/pharmacists help because I’ve only seen it in capsules.

  12. Is there a certain way I should go about it? I’m in Arkansas for context, I don’t know if it matters though😅

  13. Arkansas should have a state medical board. And you should be able to google your doctors NPI (national provider identifier) number.

  14. I’m not sure if there’s researched published on this but I can give you my perspective as a patient:

  15. Isn’t he also one of the anti-Schwarber leadoff guys?

  16. Pretty sure 95% of this sub is also anti schwarber lead off lol

  17. Well my reply genuinely wasn’t intended to start a fight about it lol

  18. Nats helped us too! Weren’t like 20 of our wins against them?

  19. First playoff run in a generation! You’ll come back harder next year. The rest of us will try to take down Houston in the meantime.

  20. I have never had such a strong sensation of “thank you i hate it” in my life

  21. Same. Holy wow. Just looked it up to see if i could watch it but looks like it hasn’t been filmed and isn’t playing anywhere near me 😞

  22. There’s some chatter that they filmed the play with Sara Bareilles as the lead! I’m hoping it’s true bc I love her and the soundtrack.

  23. This is my favourite version! I believe this was an early rehearsal process; they also did a version of ‘Bad Idea’ which is my absolute favourite!!

  24. There’s also that bench performance by Sara and Jason Mraz that doesn’t give me frisson but is absolutely charming!

  25. It’s the Angels game! I hope you guys are genuinely getting to enjoy your guys in the postseason.

  26. You can lie to me, just don't lie to yourself.

  27. You're completely right and I'm sorry you're getting downvoted by a bunch of incels.

  28. I genuinely really appreciate this! But it’s totally cool.

  29. Agree with the comments the pain is everywhere but that spot - about an inch or two above your hip bone just before your ribs start - is an official diagnostic pain point!

  30. Please do let us know how your campaign against Notre Dame’s “Fighting Irish” is going. As an Irish descendant, it’s offensive to me, therefore I retain the right to be offended on behalf of all Irish.

  31. If an English football team has a mascot called the Fighting Irish, I guarantee there would be issues with it and it would widely be considered to be racist.

  32. Oh right, the Irish have never had a bad time in America.

  33. We moved here because of a genocide. Perpetrated by England. In Ireland.

  34. I got called old a lot by the students I worked with during work placement... they were 15 and I was barely out of high school lol

  35. Haha. Teenagers being blind to a 5 or 6 year age difference is my favorite. And I definitely did it as a kid.

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