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Johnny Depp 'to return' to Pirates of the Caribbean after '$300 million Disney deal'

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  1. Book a David Hasselhoff concert in the stadium,

  2. why are the germans obsessed with the hoff? guys a legend but never understood why Germany of all places its like heightened.

  3. Our golden age took place when we didn't have the most attendance, it's time to remove part of the stadium.

  4. Ok take Vieri , Roy Makaay, and Forlan and give them the hero cards they deserve and save Icon spots for players that are actually iconic.

  5. Forlan and Makaay should be heroes, Vieri i kinda get being an icon.

  6. I heard we're all gonna get ugerlee

  7. TBH, I'm pretty new to this sub too. Recently joined because I just got involved in the Norm MacDonald one, and that's what it is, constant "in-jokes" about his old stuff (RIP). But Idk, kinda feels like this sub has a partial for Ricky as well. Can't tell yet if it's all just jokes about his past stuff, mocking him, or what.

  8. In England, lots of tourists i assume? Not one sounds English.

  9. The machines give us 2 or 3 options for substitutes or we can choose our own. (At my specific company stores anyway.) I find the closest thing I can and sometimes cancel it altogether if we have nothing suitable.

  10. We've always been told never to "No Sub" an item. "Always give the customer a substitute," they say. It leads to some very odd subs.

  11. tbh i would always prefer a sub than no sub you can say no, but i never do because i'm english and i just pretend everythings fine.

  12. Yeah, I think that is what he meant but it makes literally no sense. I don’t think anyone is flying from Bristol to America for an abortion - but what do I know

  13. Yep exactly can get a free one here but you know Americans can be close minded and think it’s like their country around the world

  14. And the land of the freeeeeee unless you’re poor, female or a minority

  15. Is his hair meant to be the Blair witch symbol?

  16. they have dogs that bark to deter drones from getting near prisons?? dunno if i heard right but if i did how tf is a dog barking gonna scare away a drone? a drone.

  17. I bought a drone once and I thought wind swept it away on its maiden voyage after my gf said to see how high it went. It was never recovered but I do recall a dog barking so now im glad I solved that mystery

  18. I put in my 2 weeks once and the company asked if I'd please stay an additional 2 weeks. I reluctantly said yes and less than a week later they fired me. I was like, thanks for the unemployment compensation I guess.

  19. A few years ago I had a job where I was on about £5000 less than new starter (who was there to replace me) and probably a lot less than the guy there before me. Worked on a contract where in December alone they earned millions from it. I was told in meetings about extending my contract it would happen after this busy period. I worked really anti social hours as the contract was overseas for an entire month with a few days off.

  20. This reminds me of the casual GTA RP experience

  21. This could well be it, but neither do I. I want to grab a coffee and scroll reddit

  22. Yeah exactly I’d love to just go make a cup of tea and sit in silence for 5 mins rather than listen to non work related natter

  23. (i did research and this is what i have found) This particular crocodile you see in the video is a prop replica of the largest recorded crocodile named "lolong" who now have passed away several years ago. this giant prop was used to advertise a new upcoming television series also named lolong in the Philippines

  24. Thought it looked fake thank you for your research

  25. My immediate thought was "I've seen these videos before, you're about to get crimed"

  26. Exactly what my first thought was!

  27. I’m not touching him, don’t think he will cut it in prem in his first season - feel free to rub this in next year when I’m wrong

  28. No mostly from money David has given her. His tax returns a couple of years ago showed that he pays for the fashion company as hobby for Victoria to run.

  29. I never said a good singer though.

  30. No but we are specifically discussing "Talent" . This whole thread started with:

  31. I think it’s unfair to say she has 0 talents. Regardless of our opinions on her. She helped turn beckham into a global superstar that wasn’t just his football ability.

  32. Prob shorter shelf life given it’s on clearance

  33. Thought he said he would never return to work for Disney? Or was it someone else quoting for him?

  34. I think that gerrard has to be up there for clutch. The CL final and fa cup final come to mind

  35. probably been said, but the simpsons arcade game in the same style was amazing.

  36. I agree typhoo is the only one that doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste, especially since I steep mine for 5 min at least. But weirdly ever since I lost my sense of taste for a while (Covid), I only drink pg tips. I think my sense of taste is permanently changed now.

  37. yeah i steep mine for 5 mins at least as well, i'd be shocked if people arent

  38. My parents steep theirs so long the water is lukewarm, it's an absolute crime against humanitea.

  39. They do reap the health benefits from the tea though as anything before 5 mins you don’t get the antioxidants etc

  40. It's 17 degrees, cloudly and it feels pretty cool.

  41. He's right but, at the same time, there was a very explicit warning not to copy them and (iirc) outright saying that any and every submission sent to MTV will be rejected.

  42. Yeah we used to make our own jackass videos at our friends house despite the warnings, we did some pretty stupid things luckily nobody got seriously hurt.

  43. I dont think they would or could, they'd just do the revamps whilst running what is currently there. They cannot risk having their entire userbase go to a competitor and some end up staying there.

  44. She’s a bit busy mate we can offer you George rr Martin though

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