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  1. Its good however the only thing stopping me from leaving vanilla arch is pacman. Its just supreme. And dnf is hella slow. I've tried many many tweaks but I can't keep up with the download speed.

  2. Hey, do you still use bismuth? I'm trying to transition to tiling manager and wondering whether to go Krohnkite or Bismuth. Which is more rich in features?

  3. Yup its very comfortable. I have ridden many different bikes like r15 , 200 ns ,220. I found fz the must comfy. It fulfills all the requirements you have. I have been riding this almost for a year, i can say its very good. My favourite features about this bike are x-connect, comfy seat, great milage, front abs, very effective leg guard only Down side is it won't go more than 100kmph.

  4. I see. Someone commented it has not enough power to carry people in pillion seat. How true is it ?

  5. Yes it's good! What are your thoughts on TVS Ronin? I like that too

  6. I haven't ridden it. But the reviews seem to be good. If you like the scrambler type, that can be an option. Looks can be subjective, I know. But it does look like a modern scrambler to me. If I am a young guy looking for a scrambler, I will consider it.

  7. Can someone tell me any advantage of using frokgram instead of nekogram, i have been using nekogram and curious to know the differences..

  8. I've used telegram foss, forkgram and nekogram. I noticed tele foss is identical to the play store telegram except its Foss, Nekogram has tons of privacy tweaks (which I don't generally require), and forkgram is kinda both of the above.. Hence I chose it.


  10. There are similar styles in zsh shell also, named "powerlevel10k". You can check that if you're into zsh.

  11. Bro I have a question, how to you get no minimise, maximise and close button and PLS how do you install bismuth tiling.

  12. For disabling the min max buttons you have to check your terminal's documentation and do it via your config file.

  13. Bro I have a prob. When I get the bar it loads but 2 blocks are empty. (The one with date and the one saying plasma desktop)

  14. I see,, they are plasma widgets, you need to install them first. The one with date is "Better inline clock" and the other one is "Window title"

  15. Nope cant relate. Kde works flawless for me. 1 year+ and counting.

  16. Beautiful! What font are you using for your terminal?

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