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  1. Man, I have read that issue hundreds of times since '92. That drawing ALWAYS bothered me - but I never put together that Superman broke his neck. I feel a bit more stupid now...

  2. I’ve read it a lot via physical book but just read it again digitally for the 30th anniversary. It baffled me for so long. Thank goodness for zoom.

  3. I don’t care for the Lois in Superman and Lois. I think that she just does a lot of yelling and is angry in most episodes.

  4. Oh man disagree. Mama bear Lois is great. I totally buy her going toe to toe with Clark and taking down Lex while making enough breakfast for a family of four.

  5. It’s not her being a mom that bothers me. I love her being a mom and still having a career and being the best journalist in the world. But, something about this Lois rubs me the wrong way. I will say that I was skeptical about this show and it’s won me over. So, this is me being nit picky.

  6. Death/Reign had the story fully fleshed out. Superman:Doomsday was okay for the time.

  7. I like Lois knowing and figuring it out in some capacity so I’m okay with that. I like her being one of the smartest people in DC.

  8. Really interesting use of shading, especially for the time

  9. I just re-watched this for the first time as an adult. It’s fantastic.

  10. Exactly the same here! I did the new 52 Superman. I’m gonna try it again soon.

  11. I hope that our fandom doesn’t become like other toxic fandoms. I fear that it is.

  12. I’d like a natural look to the curl, like it just always kinda happens but not super stuck in place.

  13. Scrubs references will always win in my book.

  14. I’m okay with shows having a definite ending. Too many shows over stay their welcome and get repetitive.

  15. He’s looking so much like Clint Eastwood here.

  16. I keep thinking that it will but it continues on unfortunately

  17. They ain't wrong but I'll be dammed if I give up the smoked pig tails

  18. I’d love a Superman movie with Parasite. I think that he’d make a great sequel villain that siphons off Superman’s power.

  19. The only problem that I had with it was the length. It dragged a bit in some spots. The stuff with Lana was great and so was the junkyard fight. I think that people just latch on to other people calling things bad without giving them a chance.

  20. Pencils were Brett Breeding and George Perez.

  21. It’s far better than anything that I could do.

  22. I’d like to think that I’d fly first but that would be terrifying. I think that I’d use the speed first.

  23. I’ll give you something to be depressed about!

  24. I went while I was there a year ago and it was Awesome!!

  25. I was giggling like a kid. My wife has never seen me so giddy.

  26. People, clean your mirrors before taking selfies.

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