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Qatar won't allow any cooked Kosher food and public Jewish prayer

An amazing showing.

No matter how hard I try, I'm too shy to confess my love!

C'est magnifique

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  1. Lol, China is not an actual communist country and Taiwan is based on the same older Chinese communist party. One has elections the other doesn’t

  2. Fine...... Praise be to glorious leader of North Korea May this year's sorghum harvest be bountiful

  3. I agree. If more people cared to understand the problem, they could begin to understand how Bitcoin is the solution.

  4. I agree... There are solutions out there nobody wants to talk about.

  5. Imagine trying to shame-meme over an ugly brown PC fan lol.

  6. If the romans had reddit... This would be a popular thread before society came crashing down over the walls

  7. How does your dog feel about the way a CRT tv operates though?

  8. Some say if you listen quietly at night the loud banging you hear is actually Peggy hill and Paul Sadlon making a porno

  9. Construction? Shelling. Fireworks? Shelling. Loud music down the street? Shelling is back.

  10. Shelling?... You best believe that's a shelling


  12. As a white dude I seem to recall something about this site years ago.

  13. Mamas apple pie, 4th of July she was….non binary?

  14. You know.. the more I learn about this Bankman fella, the less I care for him

  15. The worst part about what Sam did was the hypocrisy

  16. Damned ramen restaurants... I knew it was them

  17. Gone up to half a million likes now. This dude thinks he has values. The likers think it’s a culture. Just backward looking anti human garbage. That’s the problem with oil money: all the appearance of human progress but just Flintstones driving in Bugattis.

  18. I mean he's not wrong... He's just an asshole

  19. Not helpful right now... But next year mulch them with a lawnmower... Your grass will appreciate it next year

  20. that's so true. i would have much preferred an actual documentary. but then again i watched and enjoyed the Weird Al Yankovich movie as well ..... so that tells alot about me i suppose....

  21. Hey enough with these fuckin jokes... That guy was a real jerk.

  22. How about if you make a dentist's appointment but don't show up?

  23. I'm sure there's a more sophisticated answer, but I miss Norm.

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