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  1. Search Amazon for ‘in wall cable management’.

  2. 120V cables that aren’t wall rated can breach electrical and fire codes and put you in hot water if you ever have a fire/ insurance claim

  3. I went and changed the entire exhaust system out to a newer style set of pipes and went with a Competition werks slip on. I also got rid off the chicken wings by installing a set of the rearsets from an 1100 Evo

  4. Do you know if the 821 exhaust would fit on a monster 696? That swap looks awesome

  5. There is nothing stopping me from being a prick and making a shitty offer. Same as you. Yes, I would look like "and" idiot. I would be entertaining myself by playing the fool.

  6. Yes but you’re being a prick to the wrong person, salespeople don’t make prices!

  7. Yes you did, we’re unhappy about makeup’s too and coming in to ask for discounts like this wastes everyone’s time. We’ve had vehicle sit on the lot because of their makeup and when nobody wants to even look at the car because of the price managers lower it. It’s great for me and you but please don’t waste my time

  8. Just south of Toronto here, we’ve got a great weekend ahead of us too!

  9. They should have left self driving for syfy movies and instead use the sensors to make driving safer. Maybe help people save on their car insurance.

  10. Do you have documentation showing the 91 hours every 2 weeks? If you have no evidence to show you did 91 hours rather than 86 hours, you are fucked.

  11. I have the written schedule that outlines when I’m required to be at work (91 hours) , no written contract that’s stipulates hours.

  12. OK. You do have something in writing though, which is a good. So you have evidence to back you up when you contest being paid based on 86 hours.

  13. Yes pay stub will list Wage and hours worked to come up with the pay amount. But hours worked is always 86

  14. I just started riding, the smell of the leaves on the backroads is something I’ve never noticed… very peaceful

  15. When I bought my monster (looks identical to yours, also my first bike), the shift lever was loose. Shifts are now better after tightening the hardware.

  16. A full bolt check in on the to-do list as I’ve heard things can “vibrate loose” a lot on the monsters.

  17. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! I only wish I had the Grey Poupon.

  18. I think it’s a reference to liberty walk, a LB works Trademark is “imagine all the people living life in peace” cantered on the door.

  19. Mirror, Front Fender and Door skin Prep and Paint.

  20. Plus Amazon can have a replacement panel to him by tomorrow if he had prime!

  21. Any motorcyclist that goes out choosing to not wear their gear is risking killing themselves. We know cars can easily kill and it’s our job to wear the protection that we choose for out safety.

  22. Yes, but is it some places where I might can purchase it separately? Ore wouldn’t that mach the serial number ore something like that?

  23. Trusty time has “box sets” available with box and paperwork, serial number will not match the watch your purchase

  24. Aren't all vehicles limited by a low-speed governor from the factory that dealerships then disable when delivered? Is that no longer a thing?

  25. They are but it’s really easy to take it out of “transport mode”

  26. Yeah, she was busy practising that running and hiding she did at the end, there was no time for math.

  27. Was the sushi all you can eat, and if so were you charged or 2 heads or just 1?

  28. Value bud isn’t even cheap anymore.

  29. Except that other major retailers price match value buds. F&F price matches and others might too

  30. But that still means matching value buds, therefor they must be the cheapest chain if hey are the standard for low prices.

  31. may i know whats the name for the middle one

  32. You won’t find that on a Seiko or G Shock let alone a JLC

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