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AITA for eating at work without telling my husband?

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  1. TBH, at this point I'd welcome any new forms of writing a script. Shits been stale for a decade. AI probably wouldn't pack the theater with 8/10 sequels, prequels, and books.

  2. Are you kidding me? AI would arguably give us MORE of that shit

  3. Not the first time a "youth pastor" has been outed as a perv.

  4. And won’t be the last time either

  5. I'm a WGA captain, I'm really hoping at least the actors but hopefully the directors as well join us! I think the strike will end a lot more quickly if that's the case, and it will be nice to have the additional picketing help. Really counting on the other guilds to stick to their guns and not accept sub-par deals. Union strong!

  6. TAG over here. We may not be striking, but we’re with you! We’ve been showing up to the picket lines in droves

  7. There really needs to be a Nintendo store in LA. Would make perfect sense to have one here.

  8. lmao this game is real and it is totally sent to die. Outside of the known circumstances of the development, nintendo announced it out of nowhere for june already (and between TOTK and Pikmin 4) and they didnt even post a trailer. This is clearly only because the game is done and they are probably already counting on it to lose money lol

  9. Snipperclips also doesn’t have a sequel yet

  10. Jesus Christ, I think she’s the asshole here in this situation, but y’all are dogpiling her way too hard and making up new assumptions about her. This is why I stopped coming on this subreddit, people crucify each other for being an asshole in one situation and carry it on to completely unrelated areas.

  11. Capcom continues its streak of great games in its premier franchises of Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry and now Street Fighter.

  12. Maybe we’ll get another Okami now, right? …Right?

  13. 2010s was Pixar playing it safe. 7/11 Pixar films in the 2010s were sequels.

  14. I disagree. Soul, Luca, and Turning Red were all quite good. Their only non-original, which was Lightyear, was incredibly mid imo

  15. I felt like the first episode was pretty bad but the second episode was a lot better, enough for me to keep watching.

  16. I thought the first ep was better than the second tbh

  17. If your being criminally underpaid, are you not gonna phone it in

  18. It's not even a matter of phoning it in. Writers rarely, if ever, have full control over their script. Especially when it comes to franchise/IP. There are so many cooks in the kitchen, it's insane. They have to accommodate executive notes, marketing notes, brand notes, S&P notes, and so on and so forth, until the script is almost unrecognizable. Not to mention how many of those different department notes contradict each other.

  19. Found one recipe on some YouTube video of the event that lists whiskey, apple juice, cardamon syrup, lemon juice and angostura bitters

  20. That’s it! Thank you so much!

  21. Yeah bro it's fruit, fucking fruit. There's Not even that many variations of them! It's like oranges, strawberries and grapes.

  22. At least it looked pretty in HD

  23. I'm glad caves are returning. I really hope they go back to having treasures. Collecting them and reading all the descriptions of how they might function and what they could mean in Olimar's eyes was a lot of fun and it was cool discovering a battery or lightbulb or other human made object. It gave a sense of wonder and mystery and alluded to a post-apocalyptic earth. Really made me invested in the game over grabbing some fruits to make juice to power my ship or whatever the fuck I needed fruit for in 3.

  24. One of the few times I was a-okay with product placement

  25. I actually love Phantom Hourglass but Spirit Tracks was not my cup of tea.

  26. I’m the opposite, loved Spirit Tracks, didn’t care as much for Phantom Hourglass

  27. I have to say that Galaxy 1 is still my favourite 3D Mario but 2... I deeply regret buying it.

  28. Really? I think Galaxy 2 is even better than the original, aside from the story

  29. First they took our Community movie and Cobra Kai. Then they took our Stranger Things. Then they took away Ryan Reynolds ability to adlib on Deadpool 3. Now Daredevil? WILL THIS MADNESS EVER STOP?

  30. Not until studios give writers the respect they deserve

  31. $7500 a week? I'll write for $7499. This is going to be a massive mistake for the writers. Hollywood, networks and streaming services have been hemorrhaging money.

  32. So you’re okay with being a scab and actively working against the interests of an entire industry of workers fighting for fair wages and treatment?

  33. Buddy, this isn't a robber Barron at a coal mine, these are stuffy, self important, pampered writers who think they are struggling. This union exists solely to protect bad writers and gatekeep the industry.

  34. Tell me you know nothing about the WGA and writers wages/negotiations in two sentences. You clearly have zero understanding of what’s going on. Not every writer is a multi millionaire, so many are struggling to make ends meet and are constantly getting fucked by studios left and right with a carrot dangling over their head. This strike sets a precedent for the future of the film industry in general, because if the studios get away with this, they’ll do it to every other section of production. Other companies outside of the film industry will follow suit. Source: I’m a writer in the industry.

  35. Antojitos can be a pretty good option from what I've heard.

  36. Toothsome has good desserts and very meh food

  37. I live in LA, and the oldest Mochi shop in the country (and the store that brought mochi to the USA) shut down during Covid, due to a combo of the pandemic and an increase in Asian hate. There were attempts to solidify the place as a landmark, since it is so significant and had been there for nearly 100 years, but it didn’t happen.

  38. With very few exceptions, I don't eat much in the park. We eat at citywalk. It's just better food.

  39. I’m all for it, honestly. Too often fun, gimmicky theme park food gets immediately watered down and made into the same generic shit you can get at 50 other places in the same park.

  40. It can still be fun gimmicky food and still allow for dietary restrictions. One person asking for no mushrooms doesn't change the fact that everybody else gets mushrooms on their burger.

  41. It’s because this restaurant is actually served by the Jurassic Park quick service kitchen via a tunnel

  42. …? The food is completely different.

  43. Not sure, but I got the veggie burger at Krusty Burger and it’s the same patty as that one. So if that’s Beyond, then so is the Mario one

  44. Fast and furious coaster is next and even that might not open next year

  45. I'm talking for Japan though, they've already announced that it's opening in 2024. Construction has been going on for a while now

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