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  1. I seen them in Europe and they where very good both sacred reich and Carcass

  2. Chicken with a garlic tomato and spinach sauce with lots of mozerella and herbs 👌

  3. When dicing an onion on your cuts through the half parallel from root to tip not cutting the whole way through on these cuts keeps the onion together better while finishing the dice

  4. She doesn’t drink. I will be going to a pub or two but… I’m not a beer person. Wine person. Will I be tossed out?

  5. I seen one a while ago and it had like a mad japaneese scientist and a killer robot if any one knows this one. Also the V/H/S 1 was good there was one out of the franchise i didn't like but they are all worth a watch.

  6. That was probably VHS 94, in the segment called The Subject. My understanding is that’s pretty close to Frankenstein’s Army as well, but Asian scientist sounds VHS.

  7. Thanks its been too long I will have to rewatch. There was one time in my life where I would watch 3 horror movies per night now its at best 1 a month 🤷

  8. Went to Dublin last week had breakfast out then had lunch in supermacs two of us and a kid 75 euro 🙀

  9. I really liked the first half and thought it was a great set-up for some sort of home invasion movie or Keith would turn out to be a creep. I went into it blind. I was super disappointed. I didn't find it disturbing at all. It had a couple of jump scares and a really stupid plot.

  10. I think they should have just made keith a creep and done a little twist with the main baddy or something the movie had so much potential!

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