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  1. Here's a piece of advice I wish I'd been told much earlier in life, that applies to far more than just music - develop an inquisitive mindset. Approach every single thing you see from a spot of, "I bet there's something cool about this, I wonder what it is and what makes it cool."

  2. I definitely think that I need to be asking more questions about all aspect of my instrument. You’re right, I spend the whole rehearsal comparing myself to her, whether that’s via resentment or jealousy. The reason why I sit in that room everyday is because I love my instrument, I need to shake the association of this passion and a need to be the “smartest” or best. Thanks for this response, I really appreciate it :)

  3. Thank you for this. It’s making me cry. You seriously everything I was feeling into words and I so appreciate you for it. The book is on its way to my house, you mentioned so much of what I experience in the description on it. I really appreciate “comparison is the thief of joy”, it’s so incredibly true. I’m going to start playing stuff that makes me happy, I’ve been far too focused on one upping her which fuels my insecurity and immaturity. I’m pasting these words of wisdom into my notes app, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

  4. He trained me and definitely holds some what of an authority over me in that way. Whether or not his age matters to the story is individual, bottom line is that he’s substantially older than me and shouldn’t be talking about a child as such

  5. there were 3 people in my store today including myself and my shift manager 😵‍💫 it was horrible

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